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3 Crazy Cat Facts That Are Actually True

| October 5, 2018

3 Crazy Cat Facts That Are Actually True


Unlike dogs who are the open books of the pet world, cats are enigmas. Spending large parts of their days hidden away, appearing sporadically when it is time for some food or a back scratch.


One can only guess half the things they get up to when they are out of sight!


It turns out that cats get up to a remarkable array of things!


Here are three surprising cat facts which may make you think twice about what your own cat is capable of:

1. Unsinkable Sam survived 3 shipwrecks during World War 2. One with the German navy and 2 with the British Royal Navy.

The aptly named Unsinkable Sam AKA Oscar was a German ship cat that survived three shipwrecks.

Two with the German Kriegsmarine, the second of these on the famous German Bismarck ship.

Unsinkable Sam was plucked out of the sea by the British navy following the sinking of the Bismarck and lived happily on the British HMS Cossack before he was transferred to the HMS Ark Royal which was sunk following a torpedo strike.

Thankfully the ship sank very slowly allowing all but one of the crew and Sam to escape with their lives in tact before Sam officially retired from the navy.

2.Cats were able to detect Russian spy microphones hidden in the Dutch Embassy in Moscow, Russia in the 1960s.


If it wasn’t for the incredibly sharp hearing and intense curiosity of cats officials at the Dutch embassy in Moscow would never have discovered that the Russians were spying on them.


Russian spies had installed wireless microphones inside the walls, two cats heard these switch on (they would emit a very high frequency noise imperceptible to human ears when they came on) and frantically started scratching the wall.


Suspecting some sort of rodent infestation the wall was opened up only for the microphones to be discovered!

3. The smallest cat of all time is Tinker Toy, at a teeny 7 cm tall and 19 cm long.

As small as a guinea pig Tinker Toy was the runt of a litter of 6 other kittens, his remarkable lack of size was believed to be due to a genetic defect.


Raised in Taylorville, Illinois by Scott & Katrina Forbes Tinket Toy was a male blue-point Himalayan-Persian cat who is full of mischief and is just as likely to get lost down the back of your sofa as he is to be found halfway up your curtains!

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