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African Independent Cat Association (AICA)

| January 12, 2010

The African Independent Cat Association was formed on 10 August 2010 as an Independent Organisation with the following missions:

  • To be an Independent Organisation from Africa, for Africa organising Cat Shows without the restrictions of International rules not   practical or relevant to the local conditions.
  •  To co-operate with all existing Cat Organisations, while retaining independence.
  • To use the show and title system of Fife, WCF and European Independent clubs and recognise all titles and certificates from any organisation using the same titles.
  • To recognise judges with verifyable qualifications from all international- and national cat organisations.
  •  To use all income from shows and other sources to improve cat shows and promote cats in general, without the need to spend large amounts on affiliation-, licensing- or other fees.
  • To recognise exhibitors as informal members of the club, without the need for membership fees.
  • To explore alternative ways of promoting cats and cat shows, which would be difficult for the larger oganisations due to restrictive rules.
  •  To recognise and regard South African Provinces as regions equivalent to countries for show purposes and to recognise WCF  Regions in other countries as equivalent to countries for show purposes.


President: Thea Lamprecht
Show Manager: Russel Spargo
Honorary Patron: Johan Lamprecht


Category: Feline Resources

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