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Alexi, a four year old male Russian Blue. And how he is surviving Lymphosarcoma

| January 27, 2012

Two years ago my female British Blue, Kat, was also diagnosed with Lymphosarcoma but was put to sleep the very next day. She was 12 years old. She was my angel.

I started looking for another cat because I love them so very much. I knew I wanted a similar cat like Kat. The closests breed to the British Blue is the Russian Blue.

The only breeder I could find was in Amanzimtoti, KwaZulu-Natal, SilverSheen Cattery owned by Carol and Roy Wood. My only problem was the amount, so I said I would probably get one at a later stage.

However, a few months later Carol contacted my regarding a kitten that was bought and the owner was moving overseas and was looking for a new home. My husband and I jumped at the chance of adopting a kitten. We went a few days later to go and fetch him, Alexi.

When we got him he was living on a small balcony with no roof, he was underweight and scared. We took him immediately and I stayed with him in the house for a week to make himĀ  comfortable with our two female dogs, Celeste, a Spaniel, and Krummel, a Jack Russel and the new environment.

It was tough work, for sure! But we got it right and he soon began to go outside to pee etc. It was a huge obstacle we overcame and we were so glad we got him. He is such a joy and even the Jack Russel gives him kisses all the time.

Beginning of this year I noticed that Alexi wasn’t feeling well. And so we took him to the vet. On April 30th we received the news that he has cancer, Lymphosarcoma, to be precise. I was devastated. The vet told me that Alexi had less the three months, if he was lucky.

On November 30th, was eight months and he is going strong! We have a wonderful vet and he prescribed that Alexi use Prednisone. Of course God is so very good for Alexi aswell, he is being blessed with health and I am so very grateful for all the help and love Alexi is getting. I am just amazed at his recovery, slowly but surely he is getting better!

Alexi is a fighter, he is just amazing and he is my angel from above. It is just so wonderful how he is living life as usual and going as if nothing is wrong.

sent in by Annette Branders Braxton

Category: Feline Resources

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