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Angel Swemmer

| January 9, 2012

Greebo &  Taxi
This is a few pictures of my Greebo & my Taxi together!
Greebo is black with a white tipped tail and yellow eyes, taxi is all black with light brown eyes.

They are now very close and sleep and play together.
Greebo is older and will be four in November 2007, Taxi will be three in august 2007.

This is Grampa scratchy! he’s my snuggle cat (unlike Greebo & Taxi) & he loves to cuddle and snuggle and be brushed!
We found him in the parking lot near home- skinny, hungry, tired, neglected- and I had him chipped and gave him all his shots with a ten day stay at the vet. and then he moved in in September 2006 after no one claimed him.
Grampa scratchy lives exclusively in my bedroom, he sleeps under my chest of drawers and only comes out of I close the door! he’s very old- the vet reckons he’s at least 10, but very possibly older!
He and Greebo and Taxi still can’t get on… but its getting slowly better.

My mom’s name is Glendyr, and this is Caesar- her cat.

Category: Feline Resources

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