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Are You Experiencing A Hard Time Training Your Cat?

| December 27, 2011
Are You Experiencing A Hard Time Training Your Cat

Successful cat training involves a lot of time playing with your cat.


This article  shows how important it is to play with your cat  while in the training process. It highlights  the circus act of one Mr. Dominique LeFort, a Key West, Fl. entertainer who has gained a national reputation for his ability to train normal household cats to become outstanding performers.

If you are experiencing a tough time training your cat then read the following very carefully . Successful cat training involves a lot of time playing with your cat. The playing should be gentle and regular as it helps with bonding and loving each other.  Most cat training e-books tell you that the food reward or treat is an important factor, but so is the love and trust factor. The cat has to want to please you.

The very best example I have ever seen of domestic cat training was at a sunset celebration in Key West. The celebration is of tourists enjoying various entertainment acts put on by the locals.  It was a drop some money in the hat if the performance pleased you.  There w as a man by the name of Dominique Le Fort who had beautiful long hair, white cats.The cats each had a carrier for when they weren’t doing their thing.  When they were performing, they each had a simple bar stool that they sat on.  Unfazed by the crowd and all the noise, they would leap from stool to stool, through hoops and do all kinds of other neat tricks. It was truly incredible to watch.  He had to have spent many hours, days and months in training them. The cats were a delight for the big crowd.  Mr. LeForte and his cats are still performing at the Hilton Pier in Key West.

Most of us will be happy if we can get our cat to respond quickly, to our summons or when we tell them no.  First they must learn  their name so use it often.  They must also learn your language, both verbal and  physical body.  For each thing you try to teach  them, use a food treat/reward.   Give them lots of praise when they do  what you want correctly.  Do things in brief segments  because their attention span is short, if they aren’t in the stalking mode.  Make sure that what you are  trying to get your cat to do, is safe for the cat’s well being, or you will  ruin the trust factor.

Playing with your cat is  relaxing and can be accomplished in a couple of minutes here and there.  A TV commercial is an excellent time.  Make sure that the toys are safe.  Each cat seems to like different items to play with.   Our two cats have been rescued and they have very different requirements for what will get them to play.  They may  not want to play with a toy after awhile and then you must find something new.  We have one cat who could be on a soccer team, she loves to play with a soft kids ball, but she wants to hide behind a curtain and bat the ball out to you.  Our  latest rescued cat loves bottle caps [food safe] which he directs under the pantry door.  Then he opens up the door and bats it back out.  He also likes us to use the back scratcher to gently scratch his back and tickel his tummy.  They have both become experts at opening our pocket doors, when they want out of a room.  Trial and patience’s will help you discover what your cat likes and enjoys.

A vigorous  play time before your bedtime can help to ensure a good nights sleep.  The more jumping and running the better you will sleep.   If your cat is tired and well fed at night it will more likely sleep through the night.  Remember that a bored cat is a mischievous cat .  It will find something to do. Playing with your cat, gives it a good outlet for it’s mental and physical needs and also helps to keep it healthy, because it is exercising. Don’t just toss it a toy and ignore it.  A cat needs some show of love and attention.  It will also relieve your stress and gives you some exercise.

Please use a lot of common sense in choosing your cat’s  play things.  They must be safe. A good guide is would they be safe for a kid under three years of age .  Stuffed toys should be machine washable and be very careful about what they are  filled with.  No nut shells or polystyrene beads. Cat nip is a mind altering drug.  YarnHealth Fitness Articles, ribbons and strings can be chewed and ingested.  Put them away when play time is finished. Vets are  very expensive these days and you don’t want to harm your cat.  Be safe not sorry!


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Source: Free Articles  |  Author: Judy Jantzen – My husband and I have owned cats for the past 25 years. Currently have a orange tabby and a black short hair. All the cats we have owned have been strays. For some of the finest cat goodies available anywhere including cat collars, cat carriers, fur ball remedies, return address labels and cat training e-books  check out our web site Cat Goodies

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