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Cat Claw Survival Solutions To The Rescue!

| December 20, 2011
Cat Claw Survival Solutions To The Rescue

Cats can have a temper and mean on their worst days, but even the most annoying problems have a remedy somewhere.

Cats can have a temper and mean on their worst days, but even the most annoying problems have a remedy somewhere. If your kitty is tearing up your furniture, your carpet, and your legs with the same ferocity, understanding the how and why behind your cats behavior can help you redirect your feline friend’s clawing instinct to be expressed in less destructive ways.  So why is your cat clawing everything in sight you ask?

Here’s the jawdropper: a kitty’s claws will never stop growing. Let me say that again , They never stop growing.That being said, When I found that out, a light went off in my head. Just like a pet hamster that constantly needs to knaw on wood to keep their teeth from growing too long, what cats are actually doing when they sharpen their claws is removing the outermost layer of their claws. O.K. My furry little Kitty Cat, Ibeleive that I finally get it!

So what to do? What to do? The first thought that comes to mind is to scoop kitty up for a little declawing action at the nearest vet’s office. But before you take such a drastic step, keep in mind that once those claws are gone, they’re gone for good. Take away those claws, and you’re taking away your pet’s primary form of defense. Even if you have an indoor cat like I do, chances are, sooner or later, a window of opportunity is going to open up just long enough for your cat to slip outside and be vulnerable to attacks from other animals and people.

So now you know why your cat is actually using you as a scratching post. I don’t think the term using your leg as a post is a great term as well. In a way, it’s kind of flattering. but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. Let’s get your cat to branch out. It’s time to get a REAL scratching post, so that your pet can get into the habit of using it instead of YOU, whenever those claw sharpening impulses may strike.

So how do we get kitty to break her bad habits and start to use the proper place where she can scratch to her heart’s content?

The answer lies with you.That is of course, if you are your cat’s favorite person in the family.If you are, then try hanging an article of clothing that belongs to you on your virgin scratching post. The idea is to make the area smell familiar. After a few days it should be enough for your cat to become accustomed to its’new scratching outlet.

So you say no way is that cat tearing up my cloths.Don’t want to part with something from your wardrobe? Well then it is time to get a little sneakier then. Catnip can be your secret weapon. Sprinkle catnip over the scratching post and watch what happens. Note: This one may even be even worth a U-Tube ,break out the video camera for this one for sure!

This next option sounds a little bit crazy, but believe me, it works! Try sprinkling the post area with powdered chicken bouillon. The idea is to get the cat to feel friendly enough toward the scratching post to attack it.While your cat is making the transition to a designated area for scratching, there are several ways to change your cat’s favorite scratching areas,by making them a lot less attractive. This will help ease the transition from the old spots to the new.

You can use fresh lemon juice over them. Cover or wrap the areas in aluminum foil or wax paper. Remember what it felt like when your fingernails went down the chalkboard? That will bring the hair on the back of your neck? Cats will experience the same thing and be deterred from using the areas. Finally, clean the areas well to remove any cat odor. This will go a long way toward removing the area of familiarity that creates the habit of using the space. Also,if possible just keep the doors closed to make those places inaccessible to the cat.

Now that you know more about the how and why of your cat’s clawing instinct and behavior, take these simple steps and you’ll soon see a answer to the cat clawing issues in your household. With a little time and patience, your cat’s claw sharpening activities should be limited to its’favorite spot: the scratching post!

NOTE: This article is for information only. See your veterinarian for medical advice.

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