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| December 26, 2011


Colours have different names in different countries and in different breeds. Different breeds/countries may use the same name for different colours! This section describes the basic colours in as non-specific a way as possible.

Albino White due to lack of pigmentation i.e. white with blue eyes; the most extreme form of albino is a cat with pink eyes.
Amber Bright apricot to cinnamon, with brown nose leather, paw pads and eye rims. Kittens are born dark/black and brighten as they mature.
Apricot Pink-brown or hot cream, with a metallic sheen,
Beige Fawn
Black Jet-black, called Ebony in Foreigns
Blue Blue-grey; the dilute of black
Brown Chocolate. Burmese “Brown” (called Sable/Seal) is equivalent to black.
Caramel Caramelised blue, cafe-au-lait colour (biscuit colour), cool toned bluish fawn, metallic sheen
Champagne Burmese/Tonkinese
equivalent to chocolate
Chestnut Medium-dark
brown, Oriental equivalent to chocolate
Chocolate Medium-dark brown
Cinnamon Milk-chocolate (reddish) colour (Light Brown)
Cream Buff, dilute of red
Ebony Foreign equivalent to black
Fawn Hot cream, equivalent to Light Lilac; historically a biscuity colour.
Frost Alternate name for Lilac/lavender
Gold Equivalent to cinnamon
Honey Equivalent to chocolate/chestnut (or to Cinnamon)
Indigo Dark blue or deep grey
Lavender Warm blue-brown, pinkish frosty grey (dove grey), dilute of Chocolate
Lilac Lavender
Light Amber Pink-beige to fawn, with blue-grey nose leather, paw pads and eye rims. Kittens are born blue and brighten as they mature.
Light Brown Equivalent to cinnamon
Light chocolate Burmilla Milk chocolate
Light Lilac Equivalent to fawn
Natural Tonkinese equivalent to sable/seal
Peach Australian Mist pink-brown, equivalent to light lilac/fawn. Peach is also seen as a dilute of Russian Blues and may be caramel.
Platinum Burmese/Tonkinese equivalent to lilac/lavender
Red Rich ginger red (poor reds are yellowish due to other genes).
Sable Burmese dark brown (genetically black)
Seal Siamese dark brown (genetically black)
Taupe Caramel dilution of lilac/lavender
White Non-albino white, this is the absence of colour.
Yellow An old term for a poor quality red.

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