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| December 26, 2011
Silvery Tabby

Tabby means dark markings (stripes, swirls, spots) on a paler background.

TICKED TORTOISESHELLS: Because agouti is a type of tabby, those colours can combine with the tortoiseshell markings to give ticked tortoiseshells. Some of these can be difficult to distinguish because ticking obscures the colours. The ticked colours and ticked tortie colours can be patched with white to give ticked bicolours, but this is presently only seen in non-pedigree cats. Examples:

Ticked Tortoiseshell Areas of usual (black) and Red (sex-linked) ticking.
Blue Ticked
Ticked blue-cream
Chocolate Ticked Tortoiseshell


SILVER AND GOLDEN TICKED TABBIES: Ticking can occur on a silver or gold undercoat in permutations equivalent to silver tabbies and golden tabbies. Silver Abyssinians and Silver Somalis are popular in Britain but rare in the US. The Alaskan Snow Cat has the Silver Abyssinian coat pattern. For example:

Silver (Silver Usual/
Silver Ruddy),
Usual (black) ticking on silver background.
Golden (Golden
Usual/Golden Ruddy)
Usual (black) ticking on a golden background.
Sorrel Silver Sorrel ticking on silver background
Blue Silver Blue ticking on silver background.
Chocolate Silver Chocolate ticking on silver background.
Ruddy Silver Ticked
Ruddy Ticked Tortoiseshell on a silver background,
Blue Silver Ticked
Blue Ticked Tortoiseshell (Blue-Cream Ticked) on silver backgrounds
Chocolate Silver Ticked
Chocolate tortoiseshell on silver background.


TABBY COLOURS: Tabby means dark markings (stripes, swirls, spots) on a paler background. The stripe colour is solid (goes right to the hair root), but the background colour is agouti (each hair is banded with colour). Different breeds may use different names for the same colour.

Amber Tabby Black markings on apricot background at birth. The black markings brighten to reddish-brown or cinnamon at maturity. The nose is pink and the paw pads and eye rims are brown.
Blue Tabby cream/ivory-blue base, slate blue markings
Brown (Black, Ebony)
coppery-brown base, black markings
Chocolate (Chestnut)
cream base, milk-chocolate brown markings
Cameo Tabby cream base, pale red markings (aka Red-Silver Tabby)
Caramel Tabby cream base, biscuit-colour markings
Chestnut Tabby ivory base, medium-dark brown markings
Chocolate Tabby ivory base, medium-dark brown markings (= Chestnut Tabby)
Cinnamon Tabby pale brown base, cinnamon markings
Cream Tabby pale cream base, fawn/buff markings
Fawn Tabby pale pink-beige base, lilac markings
Golden Tabby tabby on golden undercoat (see chinchilla/shaded section) e.g. Chocolate Golden Tabby etc
Lavender (Lilac) Tabby milky cream base, frosty grey markings
Light Amber Tabby Blue markings on apricot background at birth. The blue markings brighten to pink-beige to fawn at maturity. The nose is pink and the paw pads and eye rims are blue-grey.
Red Tabby pale red base, deep red markings
Silver Tabby silver base, black markings, aka Black Silver Tabby. Silver Tabbies with coloured markings on a silvery background are called Blue Silver, Red Silver (aka Cameo Tabby) etc.

Copyright & Credit: Sarah Hartwell – MESSYBEAST.COM

Photo copyright and courtesy: Michael

Category: Breeding and Genetics, Feline Health and Care, Feline Resources

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