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Cat Names With Meaning

| December 29, 2011
  • Alma (Spanish for soul)

  • Amitola – Rainbow

  • Bacci (pronounced: Baa-chie; Italian for “kisses”)

  • Bastet (Egyptian cat-goddess)

  • Bazoo (French for “Old one”)

  • Chi Chi(Burmese for “Sweet Sweet”)

  • Chico (Spanish for “little”)

  • Frey (Viking mythology: The God of weather and fertility)

  • Freya (Viking mythology: The Godess of fertility)

  • Gabriel – In
    the Bible, Gabriel was one of only two angels to be mentioned by name (the other being Michael). The name is Hebrew in origin, meaning “mighty man of God.” Gabriel was the messenger of God.

  • Habibi (means my beloved)

  • KIM-LY:Vietnamese. “Golden Lion.”

  • Leander: Greek name meaning “lion man” or “strong and brave as a lion.” Variants include Ander, Leandre, Leandro, Leandros, Lee, and Leo.

  • Libirazzi – (Katliefhebber)

  • Malakai – (For a male cat, It means “angel” in Hebrew)

  • Taki (Japanese for “waterfall”)

  • Thandi (Xhosa) which means love!

  • Yaxche (Maya mythology: the tree of heaven under which good souls rejoice)

  • Yum Kaax (Maya mythology: the maize god)

  • Zara (Arabic for “dawn”)

  • Zarya (Russian for “sunrise”)

  • Zaspanec (Slovenian for “sleepy”)

  • Zhazhda (Russian for “thirst”)

  • Zisseleh (Yiddish for “little sweet one”)

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