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Cat Village – Gauteng

| October 29, 2010

Cat Village

Once deserted, neglected or lost, a thousand happy cats have found heaven on earth

The “lucky ones”, is how one can refer to the cat family in Cat Village – a natural garden in the East Rand that has been converted into a safe haven for a 1 000 happy cats.

Come to think of it, “heaven” is probably a better description for this unique sanctuary in Benoni, Johannesburg. Here you will find no cages with cats awaiting their fate. It is a happy place for animals that could so easily have been put down or neglected until they died.

All the cats arrive here because they were lost, had to fend for themselves or because they were the result of unwanted litters. Many arrive in a malnourished and traumatized condition.
All of them are cared for with passion and love.

Contact Person: Heather Seagers

Address: Gauteng

Fax:011 425-4167

Cell: 083 6688595 

NPO 033-895-NPO

Website URL:


  • They have a human to clean, sweep and tidy their houses.

  • They live in a natural garden fenced at the perimeters of a 5-acre property.

  • They sleep in dry, warm wooden huts which are scattered throughout the property.

  • They receive medical care when needed and food and clean water is available 24 hours a day in the form of scrumptious, soft food or dry pellets.

There is no limit as to how long the cats are kept and therefore they consider the shelter as their forever home. A special treat is when visitors arrive to brush and love them.

 The “angel” that made all of this possible, is Irma Teller, a lady entirely devoted to the rescue of abused, abandoned or homeless cats. For many years, Irma and her husband, Herbert, had a desire to create a cat sanctuary where they could care and look after unwanted and neglected cats. In 2004, they decided to put their dream into action and started looking for a property.

Their wish must have been written in the stars, because a friend approached them and offered their property on the East Rand.

Initially, the property consisted of 2 ½ acres but it has since been expanded to 5 acres. It was an overwhelming task to convert the empty tract of land into a secure haven for cats. The property first had to be walled and made cat-proofed. Herbert with his skills, precision and perfection, built and modified the Wendy houses which provide shelter for the cats. Thereafter, six carefully planned and fully equipped quarantine enclosures were built to accommodate new arrivals.

Each of the huts was also equipped with verandas from where the cats can observe daily activities, as well as inside shelves onto which carton boxes are placed with warm blankets. The cats can sort out their own bed mates and stay in a hut of their own choice.

Sadly, Herbert passed away some time ago and Irma was left with the daunting task of continuing the work with the help of one or two workers and a few volunteers. She rises long before dawn every morning to start the task of cleaning, cooking and preparing food for the cats. Her work usually continues until after ten at night. If one of the cats is sick, however, she will sit with him throughout the night.
But that’s not where it stops!

  • New arrivals are thoroughly checked and any medical requirements are attended to such as neutering and snuffles.

  • Once the cats have been evaluated and passed the test, they are released into the main sanctuary where there is Wendy houses equipped with baskets and blankets.

  • Natural grass is in abundance and over 100 shrubs and trees have been planted in order to provide a stress-free environment with natural scratching posts.

  • There is a beautiful forest which supplies shade and trees to climb, while the ferals prefer to live in rustic hides made from branches and twigs.

It goes without saying that it costs a lot of money to maintain all of this.

Cat Village has no permanent source of funding, and Irma is dependent on donations from the public.
If you are interested in helping us,

  • By Donations

  • Sponsorship

  • By becoming a Village Member

  • or just a visit to the Cat Village to spoil the “lucky ones” it will be much appreciated.

Vision and mission

Our mission is to provide shelter, food and medical support to homeless, neglected and abused cats within the Gauteng area. In doing so, we enhance their lives in a caring environment which will ensure that they live out their natural lives in secure and happy surroundings. Cat Village is geared to providing veterinary nurses the opportunity to have hands-on practical experience with the residents. We also aim to raise awareness of the plight of unplanned litters by joining forces with organisations such as  and Every animal deserves a loving home!


Since commencing operation, we have survived the establishment stage to the extent that some 1000 formerly destitute and traumatised cats have found a home where they are sheltered, fed and have lost their fear of humans. Some cats originally described as lost causes have fully recovered and are now leading a normal life. Our casualty rate is less than 2%, which is phenomenal given the condition many of them are in when they arrive at Cat Village.


Any assistance from you to help lighten Irma’s load would be much appreciated. She has never faltered in her constant love and devotion to animals. Cat Village is a happy, loving home for cats, where you as a visitor are always welcome.

Please Help Irma to continue with her unselfish ambition of caring for the cats that she loves so
much. Any kind of donation is much appreciated

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