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| May 8, 2014


Achlin-Ve Persians is a small in home cattery located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Cats and lines are selectively chosen to each contribute their unique and exceptional qualities to our breeding program, working with only the best! Our cats are bred for health, type and temperament, always raised as members of our family. We breed most colours: White, Solid, Tabby and Bi-colours. Kittens available threw out the year, only available to approved homes! -world wide shipping-

Roelien and Hansie Du Plessis

Johannesburg, South Africa

+2782 859 4987
+2782 450 9068

AdoreADoll Ragdoll Cattery

| December 3, 2014


AdoreAdoll’s is a small cattery in the rolling green country side of Kwa Zulu Natal South Africa, specializing in purrsonality, health and beautiful cats.

Our kittens have been raised underfoot, and are well socialized and loved.

We have been honored and privileged to be trusted by some of the world BEST breeders in Poland, Greece, Canada and South Africa to continue their lines and programs here in South Africa so that you may also have the blessing of owning, loving and sharing in the joy one of these SUPERB fur children.

Our ragdoll’s are our pets and we take pride in our breeders which come from reputable catteries free from genetic disease and homes of champions.

Our kitties personalities and health is top priority. These are big kitties with even bigger personalities !

Registered with SACC

Contact: Joshua and Bonnie
Location: KZN, South Africa (however delivery can be arranged countrywide)
Phone: 0842641031 or 034 995 1550

ArtéKatz Siberians

| March 30, 2014


Owners Cherylee Powell and Oliver Krantz

Registered With: TCS, SACC, WCF

Contact: Cherylee Krantz

Lonehill, South Africa

Tel: +27 11 465-3446

Fax: +27 11 467-7157

Cell: +27 82 569 5737

AruArginti Cattery

| November 23, 2015


AruArginti Cattery is a small cattery with a big heart, a mother and son partnership.


When 10 year old Cole was asked why he wanted to breed he replied as follows:” I love animals. I have been begging my parents for a cat of my own for all my life and this Christmas my Mom convinced my Dad to buy us not one but TWO cats…

It took a little more convincing from my beautiful mommy to get Dad to agree for us to breed.

I am so excited about breeding because this means that I will have more kittens around me and when I sell the kittens I will be bringing joy to other children.

I just love their cute little faces and I think that I am ready for the responsibility that comes with looking after kittens.

I am super excited about breeding Burmillas because it is like going on a new adventure. This new breed of cats is really amazing and I am so excited that I am going to be a part of it, just like a founding forefather!”


AruArginti Cattery is CASA registered, breeding Silver tip and gold strand longhair Burmillas. Our cats live in our animal loving home with the cattery courtyard being our main focal point of our living room.

With 180° see views and dedicated “on-call” human care AruArginti cats are loved and pampered 24/7 and make for attention seeking affectionate pets.

Willingly enslave your self with AruArginti Burmillas.


Please contact us for more information or to book your kitten on 0738812882

Ashway’s Cattery

| March 30, 2014

Cattery information: Siamese, Tonkinese & Oriental 50 years experience in Siamese breeding. Our kittens are renowned for there lovable temperament. Home reared. Colours: Seal, Chocolate and Blue points.

Contact Person:

Enid Ashley


34 Hythe Road


South Africa


+27 31 465 2625


+27 31 465 4928




| May 8, 2014



We specialise in Persian Colourpoints & Exotics

Brendan Decker

Johannesburg, South Africa

+27 11 786 9553

+27 84 888 1020


| May 7, 2014


Azreal Russian’s where regal elegance is born. Russians have been my passion since I fell in-love with the breed in 2003. They are simply the most incredibly sweet natured, loving and devoted pets to own. I am neurotic about breeding for health and character and thus import regularly for new bloodlines. All of my breeding cats are fully blood tested to ensure health. My babies are raised in our home under-foot and from my heart. They are registered, inoculated, de-wormed, sterilised, micro-chipped and come with a health guarantee. If you are willing to share your home with royalty then contact me for a very special prince or princess.

Leanne Hewitt

Cape Town, South Africa

+27 21 685 3360

+27 83 703 8558

Bell-Aimee Cattery

| August 28, 2014



Siamese & Orientals

We are a small cattery situated in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands. We are registered with SACC, CFSA and CASA (WCF).

Our aim is to breed healthy and most importantly socialized kittens with lovely temperaments.

Our breeding cats are selected most importantly their temperaments and if they do well at shows it’s a bonus.

Our cats live mainly indoors but have access to a Catio and large grass run.

Our kittens come: dewormed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, Neutered/Spayed and come with a Health Certificate signed off by our Vet.

Our Cattery is FIV/FeLV Negative.


Contact Person: Aimee

Cell: 072 426 7810


Carmandale Persians & Exotics

| June 1, 2014


Small in-home cattery where the cat is king!

Breeding on a small scale for health, type and purrsonality.

We are a small in house cattery, breeding to improve the bloodline to a Uniquely Purrfect look!

I’m currently working with a variety of imported lines from PKD negative stock.

Kittens raised with us and available to selected homes from time to time.

Shaun Armand & Antoni Nortman

Johannesburg, South Africa

+27 82 719 0110 (Shaun) or +27 82 742 9366 (Antoni)


Carmandale 148x210mm Ad

Cattery Cobaltorino Neva Masquerade Siberians

| June 22, 2016

Cattery Cobaltorino
Neva Masquerade Siberians


Cattery Cobaltorino


Kittens sometimes available to approved homes.

Colours: Seal and blue tabby points with or without white, silver and golden.

Registered With: SACC, CFSA and TICA

Affiliated to the Siberian Cat Breeders Group South Africa

Region: Pretoria

Contact Person: Faaiza Carrim

Cell: 083 8867 449




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