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| May 8, 2014


Achlin-Ve Persians is a small in home cattery located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Cats and lines are selectively chosen to each contribute their unique and exceptional qualities to our breeding program, working with only the best! Our cats are bred for health, type and temperament, always raised as members of our family. We breed most colours: White, Solid, Tabby and Bi-colours. Kittens available threw out the year, only available to approved homes! -world wide shipping-

Roelien and Hansie Du Plessis

Johannesburg, South Africa

+2782 859 4987
+2782 450 9068


| May 8, 2014



We specialise in Persian Colourpoints & Exotics

Brendan Decker

Johannesburg, South Africa

+27 11 786 9553

+27 84 888 1020

Carmandale Persians & Exotics

| June 1, 2014


Small in-home cattery where the cat is king!

Breeding on a small scale for health, type and purrsonality.

We are a small in house cattery, breeding to improve the bloodline to a Uniquely Purrfect look!

I’m currently working with a variety of imported lines from PKD negative stock.

Kittens raised with us and available to selected homes from time to time.

Shaun Armand & Antoni Nortman

Johannesburg, South Africa

+27 82 719 0110 (Shaun) or +27 82 742 9366 (Antoni)


Carmandale 148x210mm Ad

ChaCha Persians

| May 8, 2014



Small Cattery working with carefully selected lines to achieve excellence.

Breeder of High whites in Dominant and Dilute with or without Tabby. Solids. Shaded and Smoke.

Charmaine Turner

Durban,  South Africa

+27 31 267 1904

+27 83 491 0800


Divine Flame Persians

| May 8, 2014




Registered With: WCF (Word Cat federation) CASA (Cat Association Southern Africa) SACC (Southern Africa Cat Council) CFSA (Cat Federation Southern Africa)

Paola Di Giacomo

Johannesburg, South Africa

+27 83 326 3343

EL’Vee Persians and Exotics

| May 7, 2014


I breed Persians but specialize in Exotics.
I have a small, exclusive cattery where my babies are raised underfoot.
I have show quality kittens with imported bloodlines.
I am a registered breeder at CFSA, where I also show my cats.

Lisa Venter

Bethal, South Africa

+27 71 602 0515

Flamboyant Persians

| May 8, 2014



Solids, High whites & Smokes in all colour including Chocolate and Lilac.

We are a PKD testing cattery and breed with imported lines only.
We are a indoor cattery and our cats are always underfoot.

Kittens available to selected homes.

Marianne Nel

Lydenburg, South Africa

+27 13 235 1903

+27 82 667 6581


| May 8, 2014


Incatique was established in 1980.

I specialise in Colourpoint Persians and occasional Pointed Exotics .

Show and pet kittens available from time to time.

Colourpoints have wonderful purrsonalities and give their owners wonderful companionship.

You are never alone- They amuse you and intrigue you, but never bore you!


Benoni, South Africa

Mobile No. 072 324 6059


Lauvander Cattery

| May 8, 2014


Persian Colourpoints.

I only breed colourpoints.

Imported lines and all cats are tested negative for FIV,Felv and PKD (DNA tested).

Kittens are brough up in my home.

Registered with: South African Cat Council

Laurent Van Der Merwe

Cape Town, South Africa

+27 823791811


Mee’Ousers Cattery

| May 8, 2014


I have very small cattery having only one litter at a time.

My cats are spoilt rotten and enjoy the wonderful world of my house and garden.

I don’t believe in cats been locked up therefore having free souls with loads of love and attention.

I breed most colours and my kittens are PDK free.

Coleen Gardner

Edenvale, South Africa

+27 11 609 8035 (h)
+27 11 452 9960 (w)

+27 832638561

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