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Local Fine Art Artist, Anet du Toit

| February 9, 2014

Anet du Toit, a self taught local artist has been living in Bethal, Mpumalanga for the last 20 years.

Anet took art in her final year of school, but only did pencil drawings. After school she did some leather carving and painted on the leather as well. She no longer does any leatherwork because her paintings keep her too busy.

Photo by Best DSC!

Copyright: Anet du Toit
In 2007, a friend challenged her into painting with oils, which awakened her suppressed talent and thus she became a full time artist.

Anet’s favourite subject is wild animals. She loves to paint detail and works in a realistic style, considering every new work as a challenge and learning curve.

Being commissioned by people who share her passion for art, whether by photographs or detailed descriptions, she is able to show them what their ideas looks like through the eyes of an artist.  Their satisfaction with the result is almost reward enough.

She loves to share and receive different ideas and techniques with other artists, thereby finding ways to improve her work.

Art has become her labour of love and a lifestyle.

Her motto is:  “If ever you feel your back against a wall, turn around and paint on it”, and that is exactly what she does.

In 2014 Anet would love to paint as much as she can, painting every painting as if it will be her last, with all her heart, but most of all, wants to enjoy every moment!”
Readers are welcome to contact Anet on


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