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AruArginti Cattery

| November 23, 2015


AruArginti Cattery is a small cattery with a big heart, a mother and son partnership.


When 10 year old Cole was asked why he wanted to breed he replied as follows:” I love animals. I have been begging my parents for a cat of my own for all my life and this Christmas my Mom convinced my Dad to buy us not one but TWO cats…

It took a little more convincing from my beautiful mommy to get Dad to agree for us to breed.

I am so excited about breeding because this means that I will have more kittens around me and when I sell the kittens I will be bringing joy to other children.

I just love their cute little faces and I think that I am ready for the responsibility that comes with looking after kittens.

I am super excited about breeding Burmillas because it is like going on a new adventure. This new breed of cats is really amazing and I am so excited that I am going to be a part of it, just like a founding forefather!”


AruArginti Cattery is CASA registered, breeding Silver tip and gold strand longhair Burmillas. Our cats live in our animal loving home with the cattery courtyard being our main focal point of our living room.

With 180° see views and dedicated “on-call” human care AruArginti cats are loved and pampered 24/7 and make for attention seeking affectionate pets.

Willingly enslave your self with AruArginti Burmillas.


Please contact us for more information or to book your kitten on 0738812882

Mapantsula Burmese and Burmilla Cattery

| April 2, 2014


Registered with :- SACC and Burmese Interest Group.  Kittens are occasionally available to approved homes.

Mapantsula home rears all kitten’s in a spacious loving environment. Kitties are used to humans and canines and may only leave the home post 12 weeks.
Currently Mapantsula has 3 Burmese Stud’s and 8 breeding Burmese queens.An additional original Thai Stud Nam Dtan will be joining us on 10 June 2015 and will be used as an outcross to all the queens to spread the gene’s as far as possible. Breeding stock from these mating’s will be strictly scrutinised by a friend of mine. Only if found suitable will they be sold for breeding.

Mapantsula also took over half of Alida Delport’s ZA Burmilla’s to ensure her wishes of getting this breed to F6 with the lowest breeding coefficient is obtanined.

On the current planned programme 22 different F2 unrelated kitties can be produced.

They are also home reared and I wish to thank Alida for kindly allowing me to pursue her dream.

Contact Person: Denis Jansen


Cape Town, South Africa


+ 27 82 3742 719 or + 27 21 556 2620

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