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4 Burmese females looking for new homes

| June 22, 2014



My health is failing and I wish to reduce the size of my cattery.

I don’t have a photo of all 4 cats but one is blue, one is chocolate, one is a lilac tortie and one is brown.

All cats are under 3 years of age.

The new potential owner/s would need to pay for the sterilisation before the cats leave our home.

Blue girl

Gaby with record litter

Denis A. Jansen

Cape Town, South Africa

e-mail :-

Mobile:- 0823742719


4 Paws and a Tale Rescue, Kwa Zulu Natal

| February 28, 2015
South African Pet Services 4 paws and a tail rescue KZN 5
We are a registered NPO (121-404) and we rescue and re home abandoned, abused and neglected animals in the Scottburgh and surrounding areas.
We also feed, provide medical care and shelter for the strays and animals in the local townships and underprivileged areas.
Phone: 0846265508
Cell phone: 0846265508

4 Tabby Cats Looking for a MIRACLE – Johannesburg

| August 26, 2014


4 tabby cats looking for a MIRACLE. They need a new home asap.
Please contact Karen Beattie 0822151905 URGENTLY if you can help home these angels.

Sadly these cats need to find a safe home asap as transfer of their house goes through 28 August 2014 and they need to vacate before then (have been trying for months now to find them safe haven) . Owner also immigrating to Ireland shortly thereafter. If you can’t adopt, please help us share/network!

Big Boy (Male)
Man of the house (& the neighbourhood lol)- compared to normal size he is quite a large cat wrt both length (appr. +50cm) and height (appr. +30cm). Affectionate, loving.

bbimage002  bbimage001

Cheeky Chops (female)
Very playful, lovable and did i mention cheeky. Too cute for words/ brings a smile to any face. Also speaks to you if she needs something i.e. stroking, toys to play with, etc.

ccimage003  ccimage004

Snowflake (Male)
Loves receiving constant constant love and affection. Very much a house/ homely cat.

Simage006  Simage005

Grey (Male)
Very lovable and affectionate. Talks to you when needs something. Perfect companion.

Gimage008  Gimage007


4Paws – Johannesburg, Gauteng

| October 30, 2010

4paws - To improve the quality of life of underprivileged animals. In our urban surroundings, the main categories are: squatter camp animals and feral cats.

To improve the quality of life of underprivileged animals.

Physical Address:
Plot 127
R511 William Nichol

Telephone: +27 011 464 2853
Facsimile (Fax2Mail): 0866696264
Cell Phone: +27 083 377 3219

email: Merinda –

Website URL:


To improve the quality of life of underprivileged animals.  In our urban surroundings, the main categories are: squatter camp animals and feral cats.


To have a better educated society and better living standards for our underprivileged pets.

Founder’s Note

“We have improved the lives of many animals since we started in July 2006 but there are so many more animals in need. We are only able to do what our finances allow us to do.”
Merinda Brits

Statements from some of our members

“There is an urgent need for society to completely understand what impact our living standards have on our pets and what we should do to ensure that they are happy as well.”
Marius van der Walt


We are currently only relying on private donations, but we are also hoping to gain the support of the public sector. Should you wish to make any donations, we would be eternally grateful. Our banking details are as follows:

Banking Account for donations:

Four Paws
Nedbank, Fourways
Branch code: 168405
Acc Nr: 1684110750

Adoptions – Cats’ 9 Lives

| March 18, 2014

PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation

Adoptions, Lost and Found

| January 27, 2015


Kittycat has been sharing/networking cat and kittens needing homes since 2004.

Please email photograph/s and information on the cat needing a home to

Please also feel free to post on our Facebook pages so that we can help you share/network.

The more people that share the better.

Together we CAN make a difference!

Please join us on Facebook and help us network!


Please also join our Rescue Group on Facebook and help us help animals in need by sharing and networking.

Sharing is caring!  One share could help save a precious life!

help animals in need

African Tails, Western Cape

| February 28, 2015
African Tails Rescue Centre Cape Town Milnerton 3
We rescue, rehabilitate, rehome and focus on mass sterilisation of street/township animals.The Tale of African Tails…

Once upon a time in December 2006, an organisation called African Tails was born. Its is set on the dusty streets of Du Noon and Joe Slovo townships in Cape Town, where African Tails strives to curb the over-population and suffering of abused and neglected township dogs.

Everyone at African Tails is bound by their love for the uniquely African dog, known as Canis Africanis, frequently found in rural areas and on the streets of South Africa’s informal settlements.


To give every abused and neglected street dog the happy ending they deserve. Sure, the township isn’t the ideal setting for a fairytale-style happy ending. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.Whether it’s finding a puppy a loving new home, feeding a starving stray, curbing the cycle of over-population through regular sterilisation campaigns or simply euthanasing a suffering animal, African Tails is doing its best to write new stories of hope and triumph in the places that truly need them most.

Our wishlist might change from time to time, but we are in need of the following:

Puppy and kitten food
Dog and cat food
Donations can be made directly to Royal Canin to pay for food
Donations can be made directly to African Tails account at VET-CLIN Tableview for sterilisations and vetcare
Donations can be made directly to African Tails account at VETPOINT in Sea Point for sterilisations and vetcare
56 Koeberg Road Brooklyn 7405
Phone: 021 510 7360
Cell phone: 083 642 2805

Animal Anti Cruelty League Johannesburg

| August 1, 2015

AACL Johannesburg have oodles of beautiful cats and kittens, desperately looking for good homes.

Please call the Kennels Department at 011 435 0672 for further details, or visit 59 Alice Street, Regents Park, Johannesburg, Monday to Thursday 08h30 to 17h00, Fridays from 08h30 to 16h00, and Saturdays from 08h30 to 12h00.

Terms and conditions will apply.

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Animal Lovers Project Swing (ALPS) – Benoni, Gauteng

| February 11, 2012
Animal Lovers Project Swing -ALPS

To improve the life of animals in disadvantaged and impoverished communities by providing the community with practical education on animal welfare and programmatically sterilizing animals while administering basic veterinary treatment and care.

About us
We reach out to animals in under-privileged areas primarily in Benoni.

Our Mission
To improve the life of animals in disadvantaged and impoverished communities by providing the community with practical education on animal welfare and programmatically sterilizing animals while administering basic veterinary treatment and care.

Our Objective
This project is focused on the animals in Etwatwa on the East Rand specifically those in the area where our teenage ambassador, Aleck Khathwayo and his family live. Aleck wants to make a difference in the life of animals in his community and after he identified the first needy case in Jan 2012 – an unwanted dog called Swing – the ALPS dream was put to work. Swing whose initial plight drives our mission, has since her rescue been re-homed and ALPS is proud to have her as our mascot.


Aleck and Swing

Aleck and Swing


Who is ALPS?

Cassandra Barbosa and Aleck Khathwayo, two individuals who want to make a difference to the lives of animals in Etwatwa.


To those who don’t know me, I’m Cassandra Barbosa and I’ve lived in Benoni most of my life and yes I love my animals! I have a full-time job and a wonderful family who supports me in everything I do for animals, and while I’ve been active with various animal welfare organizations in the past, I decided to go it alone for a change.

I started the ALPS initiative in January 2012, with Aleck Khathwayo, a 16 year old youngster who lives in Etwatwa township (outside Benoni). I’ve known Aleck since he was 8 and have been very involved in his and his family’s life since then. Aleck and his family have always loved animals and have grown up being exposed to my menagerie at home – they babysit all my fur babies when I’m away. So when Aleck expressed an interest in helping the animals in his immediate community and educating the community in the basics of animal welfare and care, the ALPS seed was sown. Leveraging Aleck’s interest and combining my passion to make a difference to these animals, we decided to collaborate in reaching out to the animals in Etwatwa, and we dream of being successful in educating the community in animal welfare, elevating them and enabling them to impact positively on the lives of their animals.

Aleck and I started by creating a Facebook group called Animal Lovers. Six days into the new year we made our first rescue, an unwanted xGSD female whose owners asked us to “take her away” as they no longer wanted her because she was old. Her name is Swing – in 9 days, with the amazing help of our animal network, we managed to bring Swing out of Etwatwa, have her treated and re-homed to an awesome home in Midrand. All thanks to the support of many amazing people in the animal network and our God sent Vets at Bromhof Veterinary Clinic in Randburg. Swing was resilient and her will to live shone through her eyes – I recognize that look, it’s all too common in these cases. She’s an oldish doggy and had a massive mammary tumor, which needed to be removed, at the same time she was sterilized, vaccinated and dewormed. However, the sad news is that Swing has cancer which is spreading, and we were faced with a difficult decision – but we decided that Swing had suffered enough and that she needed to know love even if only for a short time. She has since blossomed in her new home, and even runs and jumps, her owner has a pet grooming business, so Swing always looks beautiful, a far cry from her existence at the beginning of 2012. We felt that Swing epitomized the need for outreach work in Etwatwa and so we renamed ourselves from Animal Lovers to ALPS (Animal Lovers Project Swing). Just like Swing, there are many “unwanted” animals, for all sorts of interrelated reasons – and fundamentally education is key!

ALPS is not yet a registered NPO, but I’ll be applying for a number soon. For now it’s just two individuals trying to make a difference, albeit slow due to our limited resources, but we believe every single dog we manage to help is a dog’s life to which we’ve made a difference.

Bromhof Veterinary Clinic in Randburg have committed to supporting ALPS going forward, and our vets, Dr Le-ann Prinsloo and Dr Rob Campbell have been extraordinary to our cause. It’s a far drive for our Etwatwa animals to make the trip to Randburg, but the care there is phenomenal and we are working with two like- minded vets who have their hearts in the right place.

How can you help?

As with most welfare work, funding is our primary challenge and again due to an amazing network and pledges that were honoured we’ve managed to cover most of our costs in January.

We brought in our second case in January, some of you may have seen the news on our Facebook page – his name is Danger, also a xGSD approx. 1 year old. Aleck called me in a panic on the evening of 16th January, fearing that Danger had been hit by a car and had a broken leg. After many calls and acrobatics we managed to get Danger out of Etwatwa and to our vet in Randburg. There he has undergone extensive surgery and we managed to save his leg! Danger will need to stay with us for at least another 4 weeks until his wounds have healed, stitches are out and he’s strong enough to go back home to his owner, who loves him and wants him back. So far Danger’s costs of R4,000.00 have also been covered by donations – but his treatment is not yet complete and he still needs to be sterilized before returning home.

So while Swing and Danger kept us busy, we also dewormed, vaccinated and Frontlined 2 more dogs, 1 cat, 4 kittens, and re-homed 3 of the kittens. The dogs and cat were also sterilized. Again these costs have also been covered by donations.

All this in January alone! February has already presented a new case, an unwanted mommy doggy and her 4 puppies, which will be removed from Etwatwa, vet treated and will need to be re-homed.

SO as the year unfolds ahead of us, we foresee it to be a busy one AND the plea goes out to you, to please support ALPS in our mission – remember we are Working on a Dream.

We are in desperate need of monthly contributions, so that we can plan monthly sterilizations, our vets are able to do 6 sterilizations a month and that will make a huge difference to the community as puppies are unwanted and usually cruelly disposed of. R400 a dog, will ensure sterilization, vaccinations, deworming and Frontlining. I collect and return the animals to Etwatwa (in my spare time!). If you’re an animal lover, please consider contributing to the ALPS cause in whatever way you can. Donations of food, bowls, blankets, material to make running leads, Frontline, money to cover vet costs, etc.

Please feel free to call or email me should you have any questions, ideas, contributions etc.

Aleck and I thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy overview, but I feel it was important to position ALPS and what we stand for before asking you to donate!!!

Donations can be made directly into the Vet account. Please copy me on EFT’s so I can keep track of the account.

Bromhof Veterinary Clinic
Standard Bank, Northgate
Branch Code : 001106
Acc No. : 402494377
Reference : Welfare Cases

Yours in Etwatwa animal welfare

Cassandra Barbosa
ALPS – Working on a Dream
082 771 0511

Please visit and Like us on Facebook! AnimalLovers.GP

Aniwell, Western Cape

| February 28, 2015

Aniwell welfare and rescue south africa

ANIWELL is a registered NPO (082-561) and PBO (930 041 789) that started its work in Goliath Estate, an informal settlement, in May 2009. Since then ANIWELL has helped well over a thousand animals (and animal owners) in Grabouw, Eerste Rivier, Goliath Estate, Scottsville, Klapmuts and Bloekombos through education, sterilisation, rescue, feeding, assistance with veterinary care, rehoming, behavioural advice and, sadly at times, euthanasia. Our primary focus is sterilisation. We dont have a physical shelter, as we are a group of dedicated volunteers helping animals from disadvantaged areas when and where we can. Every cent raised goes to the animals that we serve.

We are currently focusing our weekly efforts and onsite spay days in the informal settlements of Bloekombos, Goliath Estate and Klapmuts. It costs us on average R250 to sterilise a township animal.

All funds can be donated into our account using Steriwell as reference. Please send proof of payment to manager at A photo of the sterilised animal you sponsored will be posted on our Facebook page (and kept in the Steriwell album for future reference). All owners are also asked to contribute when they can.

Bank Details: ANIWELL SA,
Standard Bank Cape Gate,
Code: 023910,
Account No: 310595320,

For overseas payments please use the SWIFT code:SBZAZAJJ,

We have a very good success rate in terms of convincing owners to sterilise their animals. WHEN we do rescue puppies and kittens it’s great but our focus is equally on the mother (unless orphaned) and getting her sterilised as soon she is physically able to be done. Her health and future is EQUALLY as important as that of her babies.

We consider ourselves a ~pro-quality-of-life~ welfare organisation.

We work closely with other new and established welfare organisations with the same policies.

ANIWELL has strict policies and procedures in place especially with regards to the re-homing of our rescued babies.

Cell phone: 0822940890
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