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How to Apply Spirit Essences

| July 31, 2015


Application of Spirit Essences Remedy taught by Jackson Galaxy.

Watch this video and learn about the various easy ways to apply Spirit Essences.


How to choose Spirit Essence Remedies

| July 31, 2015

Jackson Galaxy explains how to choose Spirit Essence Remedies in this video.

How to use Spirit Essences Safe Space for Cats

| July 31, 2015

Jackson Galaxy explains how to use Spirit Essences Safe Space for Cats in this short video.

Kittycat Online Shop

| October 21, 2015


Kittycat  Shop website is coming soon. 


Our new online shop for cat lovers and their cats.

Buy Cat toys, blankets, Spirit Essences (A Jackson Galaxy Product), Cat Jewellery for Cat lovers, Vinyl car stickers, Earth Pets, Gift Vouchers and more!

A portion of all proceeds go to animal rescue.

Visit us on Facebook:

Please email orders and/or queries to:

Meister Trading

| October 25, 2015

The Cat Product Specialists


Our Motto

Personally Endorsed Products – we only sell products that we have used ourselves, found to be excellent and believe in!

What we do

Having grown out of sourcing only for our own cattery (, Meister Trading has evolved into a specialist cat product supplier to wholesale and trade for the South African market. In 2015 the business expanded into Europe with our range of unique cat toys.

We are re-sellers of the Cat’s Best brand of cat litter, imported from Germany and have a special breeder program in place to promote the use of this ecological cat litter. Non-profit cat shelter organisations are supplied at special discounted rates as part of our social engagement program.


Our range of cat toys begins with the zaBird, the best interactive cat toy for outdoors, with 6 different attachments that can be attached.

Manufactured to our own specifications, this rod feather toy is the evolution of years of playing with cats using various stick toys. Extreme flexibility, comfortable handle and durability are some of its key properties.








The zaBouncer is the ultimate interactive cat toy for inside, with an extra long handle to allow for comfortable playing in bed, on your couch or on the floor.


The zaTeaser is our extended version of the classic teaser, an all-time favourite for the short play in-between.





Consumers can use the  Where To Buy tab to locate their nearest supplier, but our entire range of products are available through the Vet Shops, which can order the products through their main supplier.

All our products are now also available on and other selected online shops.

Novelty Biscuits

| January 3, 2018

Novelty Biscuits for all occasions

Specialising in cat and dog biscuits (for humans)

Order your specialised biscuits for your animal loving friends and family on Facebook or email:

Online Store

| March 8, 2015


Online Store


Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 10.39.20 AM

Soothing Blend for Cats

| September 1, 2015

Aroma Hydrosol Skin Soothing Blend

A fantastic blend of hydrosols to soothe and ease various skin conditions and allergies.


Please email for more information.

Spirit Essences Bully Remedy

| September 22, 2014


Spirit Essences Bully Remedy

This product is formulated for all animals.



In multi-animal situations, it seems there is always one bully who wants to be the boss and tell everyone else what to do. Bully Remedy reminds the “big cheese” that things are fine without needing to patrol everyone else, and that it is not necessary to dominate in order to live harmoniously.

Spirit Essences for pets that travel

| July 31, 2015


Spirit Essences for pets that travel.

Watch this video to see how to apply Spirit Essences to pets that travel.


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