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Cats and Cucumbers: Are cats really afraid of Cucumbers?

| April 22, 2017

A recent compilation of videos that shows cats becoming hysterically terrified of cucumbers has become viral on the internet. It shows our domesticated felines leaping up into the air out of fear when they see an innocuous cucumber placed beside them. Why do they do it? What’s the reason behind this strange reaction?

Before we delve into the facts here is the video if you have not seen it yet.

Are cats really afraid of cucumbers

Instinctively, cats have a tendency to be suspicious of anything that is alien to them, be it a fast-moving object or a noisy one, or even something that flashes erratically.

The sudden appearance of a cucumber next to them may be causing a sudden jolt of fear, and the reflex reaction is to jump up in the air, and either run away, or in some cases get into a stare down contest with the green fruit. It could be that this is the uniform response to whatever they suspect to be sneaking up on them, other fruits, vegetable, and even humans.

What might make cats specifically scared of cucumbers

Cats, even the domesticated ones, have it hardwired into their instinct to avoid snakes. In most of the cases in the compilation, the cats are busy having a meal when their mischievous owners silently put the cucumber a little behind them, so that when the fruit does catch their eye, it would come as a shock, evoking an expected reaction. The unsuspecting cats may be thinking that it’s a snake, slithering up to them and spring up into the air before running away, basically just to avoid getting ‘bitten’.

Can the cucumber trick be harmful for cats

It should be suggested to cat owners not to try out this theory on their pets, simply because of the damage this unnecessary experiment can do to them. The stress from the sudden shock can be long-lasting, in addition to the fact that your feline buddy can hurt itself by simply landing awkwardly from its leap of fright.

We often misunderstand cat behavior to the point that we believe they somewhat look down upon humans as idiots and furless clumsy hunters. We also believe that they have no gratitude towards their human caregivers, not for the food they get, nor the affection that is bestowed upon them; there is also a certain degree of ‘entitlement’ in their demeanor – and all of it is true! But even so, being the superior and intelligent members of this planet, we should not make our entitled furry friends go through this sudden horror lest it leaves some lasting damage!

Find out (safely) if your cat is actually scared of a cucumber

Here’s an experiment you might be able to try on your kitty to drive home the point of whether it jumps up out of fear or shock. Get a cucumber, the longer, the better, and place it in plain view of your pet (do not sneak up on them), and then see how your four-legged overlord reacts. If it leaps up and runs away, then it is, and all cats are inexplicably fearful of cucumbers. But if it does not, then it can safely be concluded that it is the shock of an unexpected item being placed near them that makes them react the way they do in the videos, and not fear per say.


Author Bio: Adarsh Gupta has been raising cats since the last 8 years and currently writes for


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