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| January 10, 2012


Here are some pictures of the two most special creatures in our lives! My Seal Tabby point Birman boy, Thomeko Yukio Ziven, or Yuki for short, is just over a year now, every morning when I wake up, there he is right beside me, eagerly awaiting kisses and cuddles, he loves to talk all the time. T

he thing that amazed me most about him was when the new addition to the house arrived, Toulouse Puddin and Pie, a 4 month old Black Tortie Persian girl, I was expecting much hardship in introducing a new kitten into the house, after Yuki being an only child for over a year, but on the second day after Pie’s arrival, he was already playing with her like she had been here for months!

It made me the happiest mommy around to see that he was not upset by the new addition, she and Yuki are very good friends now.

Yuki is a fussy boy, and Pie is the exact opposite, she is very greedy, and will eat anything that looks interesting, her absolute most favourite food in the world is raw mince & wafer biscuits, which has served as an amazing training tool.

Originally my mom didn’t like cats, she refused to let me have one, until one day after 8 years of begging, she eventually agreed, I had never dreamed of getting another cat a year later, Yuki was a dream come true himself, and ever since his arrival my mom is a cat fanatic, which is why she agreed we get Pie, Pie has chosen my mom as her human 🙂

I feel like the luckiest person in the universe to be owned by these two very special cats, I never imagined they would bring me so much happiness! For all the hard work that comes along with having a Birman and Persian, it is all very much worth it!

They are both so unique, I have really enjoyed watching Yuki grow up into a massive Birman man, and I look forward to watching Pie grow up too, Yuki is overjoyed with his friend, he seemed lonely before, and now he seems much happier.

All in all, our family is huge! There are five dogs, two cats, my mom & myself.

Category: Feline Resources

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