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EQuine Horse Calm

| January 10, 2010

Homeopathic remedy to calm and soothe the highly-strung, stressed and anxious horse
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EQuine Horse Calm Benefits:

  • Reduces nervousness and skittishness
  • Calms highly strung horses without a sedative effect (no drowsiness)
  • Reduces irritability and improves temperament
  • Helps horses adjust to new homes or surroundings
  • Formulated especially for horses
  • Safe and effective for nursing or pregnant mares and young foals
  • Easy to administer


EQuine Horse Calm by Feelgood Health

EQuine Horse Calm is highly recommended for use along with EQuine Colic Calm. Our Tip: This product can be extremely beneficial when trying to box a horse in a trailer for transportation

What is EQuine Horse Calm?

Horses have a very strong ‘fight or flight’ instinct and it does not take much for a horse to become spooked and unsettled, lose confidence or become panicked. This can happen for a variety of reasons – new stables (or a new addition to the stables), a traumatic experience, past abuse or a horse may be naturally prone to nerves and jitters or may be naturally highly strung. This can become problematic when riding both in and out of competitions and especially traumatic for the horse in question. Horses may also dislike being transported and may suffer with elevated heart rate, shaking or rapid breathing. Excessive sweating, tail-swishing, and resistance are all common signs of distress and panic. There is a lot that can be done naturally to soothe and calm an anxious horse. Use slow fluid movements around a jittery horse, and speak in low tones in a soothing manner. Spend arena time just walking with your horse – your consistency will build that needed trust. Next, increase your horse’s turn out time, allowing your horse to expend extra energy in its natural setting. Talk to your feed supplier about low energy feeds which can help to lessen hyperactivity. Specific toys can also serve to de-stress your horse, as does a gentle rub down or massage. This can be a great calming influence for your horse while you are mounted or on the ground. Use blinders or blinkers on your horse while transporting him or her. A Pacifier (a blinker style hood with mesh eye-covers) is also thought to calm horses, but never use on wet days as they may clog up with mud.


EQuine Horse Calm is a 100% safe and natural homeopathic remedy that uses ingredients known for their ability to support calm mood and soothed temperament in horses. Taken internally, the ingredients in EQuine Horse Calm are homeopathic, addressing acute symptoms such as rapid breathing, increased heart rate and resistance – helping your horse to adjust in a natural manner without causing drowsiness or lethargy.


EQuine Horse Calm contains the following homeopathic ingredients in therapeutic dosages and equal parts: Chamomilla (30C), Kali phos (6X), Cina (30C), Phosphorus (6C), Asarum (6C), Sucrose (inactive ingredient).



Sprinkle one capful of pillules directly into the mouth or offer on the hand. May be dosed every 30 minutes for up to ten doses if necessary or two to three times daily as a maintenance program.


Caution: Consult your vet if symptoms persist or worsen.


Note: EQuine Horse Calm is highly recommended for use along with EQuine Colic Calm. Our Tip: This product can be extremely beneficial when trying to box a horse in a trailer for transportation

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