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EQuine Respiratory Relief

| January 10, 2010

Homeopathic remedy for equine Strangles support
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EQuine Respiratory Relief Benefits:

  • Improves breathing
  • Reduces nasal discharge
  • Fights infection
  • Improves vitality
  • Supports the lymphatic and respiratory systems
  • Formulated especially for horses
  • Safe and effective for nursing or pregnant mares and young foals
  • Easy to administer


EQuine Respiratory Relief by Feelgood Health

EQuine Respiratory Relief can safely be used along with prescription medications from your vet.

It is important to provide immune support to horses of less than 5 years of age, groups of weanling foals or yearlings. These young horses do not have fully developed immune systems and are at greater risk for a condition that they may contract from older horses that may lead to inflammation of the mucosa of the head and throat, extensive swelling and likely rupture of the lymph nodes. Hoses may then show signs of depression and fever, a soft cough and slight swelling between the mandibles. The lymph nodes may become hard and painful, and may obstruct breathing. The lymph node may also rupture, releasing thick pus. Lymph node abscess may burst in the throat and the pus will be inhaled into the lung (a serious complication that requires emergency veterinary care).


The best way to keep horses healthy is to provide a clean environment. Many items in the stable may need constant cleaning with disinfectant – such as buckets, feed bags and crates, walls, doors, or the pasture environment (fences and water troughs). Water buckets or feed containers should be cleaned daily or disinfected if a horse shows symptoms. Bedding should then be burned to prevent spread by flies. Staff working with horses should change their coveralls and boots regularly, and wash their arms and hands carefully with strong soap. Farms with large populations and movement of horses, particularly of older foals and yearlings, will want all incoming horses to be isolated for 2 to 3 weeks and veterinary inspections performed before introducing them to the rest of the stable.


EQuine Respiratory Relief is a 100% safe and natural homeopathic remedy that uses ingredients known for their ability to support the health of the mucosal membranes of the nose and throat as well as the integrity of the respiratory system. Taken internally, the ingredients in EQuine Respiratory Relief are homeopathic, addressing acute symptoms such as inflammation and swelling of the lymph nodes, low mood, fever and a soft cough.


EQuine Respiratory Relief contains the following homeopathic ingredients in therapeutic dosages and equal parts: Aconitum napellus (6C), Belladonna (30C), Hepar sulph (30C), Silicea (6X), Merc sol (6C), Sulphur (6C), Sucrose (inactive ingredient).



Sprinkle one capful of pillules directly into the mouth or offer on the hand. Initial dose: every 30 minutes for up to ten doses. Thereafter, three times daily until symptoms subside. Concurrent use of EQuine Immunity Booster is recommended for immune support.



Consult your vet if symptoms persist or worsen. Isolate horses and all tack/equipment until symptoms have cleared to prevent spreading.


Note: EQuine Respiratory Relief can safely be used along with prescription medications from your vet. No adverse interactions have been noted between the ingredients in EQuine Respiratory Relief and prescription medications. However, as with any medicine, it is always advisable to consult your vet. EQuine Respiratory Relief is recommended for use along with EQuine Horse Calm


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