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Jo Benjamin

| January 11, 2012

Ragdolls – Owners perspective

Right at the outset I need to say I am not a breeder or an expert in these breeds. Our boy arrived on our doorstep in 1997 as a kitten in the middle of a thunderstorm – wet and bedraggled with a blue velvet collar studded with semi-precious stones. Extensive enquiries and adverts revealed no claimant to this beautiful boy. I have a gorgeous pitch-black female cat with yellow eyes – Ebony – pavement special and after a rough start they became firm friends. Our boy had two distinct characteristics – sleeping and eating and my nephews named him Garfield due to his personality although he looks very much like a “Sylvester”. Research on the internet showing photographs and profiles led me to believe he is a Ragdoll or a Ragamuffin. Needless to say, our Vet was devastated to find that he had been neutered as he said this was the most beautiful cat he had ever seen. Hard to disagree.


Non-pointed Ragdolls (which I believe our boy to be) come in Bicolour and mitted patterns. Apparently they are one of the largest breeds of domestic cats and I read on a website that the Guinness book of records, records them as the largest breed of domestic cat. They apparently can weigh anything up to 10 or 12 kg. Our boy is 90 cm long from tail tip to nose tip and is beautifully proportioned between body and length of tail. He weighs about 6 kg although he seems heavier when he lies on top of you. Garfield is black and white – black almost the length of his top including his tail and white underneath with a V shape on his head. His eyes are a greenish, aquamarine color.


I call Garfield our gentle giant or our beautiful boy. He has an amiable, placid laid-back personality and is very trusting in nature, which is often a worry, as he will approach anyone and anything fearlessly. He loves humans and virtually anything that moves. He is incredibly affectionate and bites and licks as a sign of affection. We now have a giant Rottweiler, Roscoe and Garfield often sleeps with Roscoe in bed together. He is not scared unduly by noise or other distractions. He doesn’t like to fight with other cats – comes running in for protection if there are strange cats in the vicinity and has never caught birds or mice. When Ebony who is a proficient hunter brings something in or a bird flies into the house, Garfield is indifferent.

He is incredibly playful with Ebony cat and they play cat-and-mouse games but the only problem is Garfield invariably forgets his tail so when he hides behind the curtains or under something, his tail sticks out as a giveaway. When he sleeps – he sleeps!!!! He can lie on the back of the couch – fall off onto the floor and continue sleeping without waking as has happened on several occasions. He lies for the most part upside down. He also chooses sleeping places and colors that enhance his beauty and his coloring.

He is not vocal except when you touch his tail and then he squawks like a duck. He is not great in the grooming department – waits until the bath is almost empty then jumps in for a superficial clean or sits in the rain for a form of shower.

As Linn Currie from Raglin Ragdolls states on her website – “Word of caution – Ragdolls are addictive!”

Category: Feline Resources

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