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Jolanda Mannessen

| January 10, 2012

First I want to say that I’m not a breeder of the Russian Blue. It is a dream to be a breeder in the future but first I must find a beautiful Russian girl. In the Netherlands isn’t that easy.

My first Russian Blue arrived at 17 March 2002. At that moment he was 12 weeks old. His name is Boris. As kitten he was very sweet. He still is, but he does have his own will. He loves to play with mice. When my brother visits us he calls him often to invite him to play with him and the mice in the bedroom. Boris is very devoted to me. When he was a kitten he sleeps on me at night so that I couldn’t sleep. It seems like my baby and my boyfriend was often angry.

When Boris was here for a month we bought a German Shepard. It took 1.5 week before Boris accepted him. He didn’t see dogs before in his live, but now it goes ok. The Russian does accept new ones very easy I think. When I got Demi also at 12 weeks old (24th of January 2003) it took one day before Boris totally accepted him. Demi is also very devoted to me.

Every night when we go to bed he sleeps between my legs and stays there for a few hours. Demi is also a sweet boy and easier to handle than Boris.

Russian Blues can eat difficult or not at all when the boss is on a holiday. I can speak for myself because when I did go to the vet with Boris to let him neutered, I must go back in the evening because there was something wrong. He must stay there and sleep one night.

He didn’t eat at the vet’s place and in the morning when I could pick him up to go home I gave him some meat. He eat much and then he fells asleep in bed for almost the whole day.

He missed me very much and I was very glad that he was home again. Our vet loves Boris and Demi a lot. She said that they’re very beautiful. And I think they are and I love them very much!!

Boris and Demi could play very good together but they can play good for themselves. Especially with mice. I don’t let Boris and Demi outside, because I’m too scared that they’ll be stolen and I think an inside live is safer.

Boris likes vacuum cleaning. The most Russians don’t like hard sounds of the vacuum cleaner but here it is not a problem when I start cleaning. I think that’s a care for the breeder, that they’re used to the noise of the vacuum cleaner.

Russians also do fetch. Demi loves to talk with me. When he starts to MIAUW I’ll react and then he’ll start a whole talk to me and I love that.

Patterns, colours and size

The Russian Blue is original Blue but there are also Russian White and Russian Black. They do have the same profile as the Russian Blue. The male is bigger than the female. A female weight between 2-4 kg and a male weight between 4.5-6 kg. Boris weights 5.5 kg and Demi somewhere about 4.5 kg, so Boris is bigger then Demi.

Visit Boris & Demi’s own website

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