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Kitty Heaven

| January 25, 2012

My Zulu Boy was born on the 18th December and I got him for valentines day 2007 from my boyfriend.

He was my absolute favourite person in the world – he loved car trips and used to sit on our shoulders the whole way with his hair blowing in the wind.

I am battling to come to terms with his death – it was so unnecessary and tragic. And I miss him madly! I don’t think I will
truly get over it!

Nobody to prr prr me in the morning while I am getting ready for work. Love Nicci

Cat Name: Zulu Boy
Owner Name: Nicci

Ming Ling, my beautiful siamese, your passing has left me heart broken, my baby, I miss you so but for my human family, your sister Nehushta, Harley and Nikki. I wish that I could see you and

hear your call one more time. I believe that you are with my own parents and their kitties and that together you are awaiting our reunion.

I know you loved me as much as I love you. Rest easy, my beauty, until we meet again

DIED 8 JULY 2005

May you rest in peace in His loving arms
Your loving mommy Jennee and sister Nehushta – Woodstock Cape Town

Joshua (Boy Cat)

How do words describe? I did not have time to say goodbye as I would have wished, and as you so deserved. I am so sorry for the way things turned out.

Thanks so much to you and Jami for finding me, and coming into my life and making it bearable again – you could not have timed it better! I treasure every moment that we three spent together over the last 3 years – we had good times together hey? Lots of love, laughs and fun. Please know I always tried my very best by you both, and will now continue with Jami. Fly with the angles my special, special boy and please remember to wait for Jami and me by The Bridge – we will be looking out for you and can’t wait to see you again! Life will never be the same again without you. We miss your motorboat purr at 02h00 in the morning and we now can’t sleep because of the silence!

Love you madly Joshie, and for always
Your Ma

Cat Name: Joshua (Boy Cat)
Owner Name: Cheryl Messina

Joshua (Boy Cat): 09.1992 – 22.01.2008

Well my boy, it’s been a month today and it feels like yesterday – I think of you every day and chide myself for not being as brave as you always were in this life. I always knew how lucky I was to have you both living with me, but what I did not realize was how big your presence was! I still feel you at every turn and sound, but in reality, our home is now a shell without you!

This last Saturday afternoon, as we sat in the garden in beautiful weather, I wrote you a note and placed it under your favorite tree – ‘weather glorious, wish you were here’……

Thanks for showing me the way!
Your Mom
19 Feb 2008

You loved everyone and everything with your whole heart. You were small but huge.

You fought to the end, now you are in heaven with the rest of your family: Simeon, Damian and Mischka.

Always love you. Thank you for choosing me as your Mom

Cat Name: Polly Anna – Passed Away 10 June 2007
Owner Name Carol Kow

You were my beautiful big girl, with the most exquisite powder puff paws. You were brave to the end and beautiful.

Always love you and forever in our hearts.

I was honoured being your Mom.

You join Simeon, Damian and Polly Anna in Heaven

Cat Name: Mischka -Passed away 17 Sept 2007
Owner name Carol Kow

My precious boy who loved to chase shadows.

I am sure you are chasing all the shadows in Heaven with your family: Simeon, Polly Anna & Mischka.

You are always in my heart. I thank you for the privelge of being chosen as your Mom.
I love you.

Cat Name: Damian Passed Away November 2004
Owners Name Carol Kow

You were my most precious huge boy who showed me how special cats are. You sent directly from Heaven to me. I miss you so much, but know you look out for Damian, Polly Anna and Mischka who has now joined you. I was privileged to be part of your life.

Love you always

Cat Name: Simeon – Passed away: December 2002
Owners name Carol Kow

4 paws in Heaven – Shanti you made my life very happy for two years before your life was taken by a car. I can never forgive myself for not being there the day it happened. I hope you’re doing what you love most up there in heaven, hunting for butterflies and taking afternoon naps.

After 7 heart-breaking months of living without you, I have decided that maybe its time to share my life with another kitty cat, but I will never be able to replace you. Hakuna Matata, love you lots, my little lion.

Cat name: Shanti
Owners name: Janine Prinsloo

An Indian Hopi prayer (from Arizona, USA)

“Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on the snow.
I am the sunlight on the ripened grain.
I am the gentle Autumn’s rain.
When you awaken in the morning hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry:
I am not there, I did not die.”

Cats Name: Mitsuki – 1990 – 2007-09-25
Owners Name: Carol

Sweet sweet little Zoe,

We rescued you before, but I am so sad that we could not rescue you again. We love you so very much, and you left a huge hole in our hearts. Somehow I just can’t accept that this has happened to you, every time I arrive home I expect you to come running around the corner to say hello. We will always love you and miss you, and we will never forget you. You were a gift from above, and you had so much love to give. We were blessed to have you in our lives for this short while.

Cat Name: Zoe
Owners Name: Riaan & Xandri Klopper

Cat Name: Tomas
Owners Name: Maureen Wooldridge

You will be missed every day of the rest of my life.

Cat Name: Coco
Owners Name: Francois & Anne-Marie Kriek

2 night my heart is broken. I have had to say good bye to my old ginger cat whom I have owned since tiny kitten until 14 years old. I was sooo upset I did not want to talk or tell . I will miss him forever. He was a pure gentle man till his final hour. I had to make the ugly choice.

It felt like death at my door. My heart is heavy, and sad, and angry that I never realized what was happening with my old man. He is better off now, no more suffering, but yet my heart still aches

Cats Name: Fatcat
Owner’s Name: Jeanette

Our beloved Fudgee’pooh, thanks for 7 wonderful years, thank you for changing our lives forever and always giving us joy -even now. We only have fond memories of you, may you have all the treats, trees and tickles in Kitty-Heaven.

Sorry that we were not able to understand when you were trying to tell us you were sick, cancer is no joke, and yet you were so brave, sorry we couldn’t take the pain away sooner. My Pampoenie, ek mis jou soooo.

Thank you for teaching me the real hide and seek, and how to run faster, and teaching me how to love unconditionally.

We will always love you, how will we ever get over the tragic loss…

Cats Name: Fudge (Phulucias Faerie Fabio)
Owner’s Name: Marisa and Conrad du Toit

Diesel only 6 months old, why did you have to go? I knew when I took you to the vet you would not be coming home with me and I was so scared to do it but I knew that you were in pain. I am so sorry my boy when they injected you I know it hurt and I wish it didn’t have to, I wish I could explain to you what was happening but you were so frightened you had not yet known that all I wanted to do was love you but I know you knew love and I know you are in a much better place where no one will chase you or put you in a cage and where you will be frightened no more…

I love you my sweet sweet angel boy, go find Benjamin and Gambit they will show you all the good spots on the rainbow bridge and you can play peacefully with them but look down on us the family you left behind every now and again and know that no matter how long time passes by you will always be remembered and forever missed. Your brother Tiny Tot and sister Tinkerbell miss you terribly they seem to be angry with me that I didn’t bring you back home I hope someday soon they will understand what I did, I did for you…

All our love Mommy, Kayla and kitty family

Cats Name: Vin Diesel February 14th 2007 – 16th July 2007 RIP

Owner’s Name: Charnay Haar

You were part of our lives and family for 7 yrs and nothing prepared us for your untimely departure from this world!!! It happened so fast and came as such a shock!!!!!

It is so hard to deal with the fact I dropped you at the vet to get better only to never see you again!!!! I wish I had known but we often never do!!!!

We miss your special character and personality and your cheeky face and you will never be forgotten – we loved you so much!!!!

I know you are happy and at peace where you are, so go find Candy and be together and one day we’ll see you both again!!!

All our love mom and dad and brothers and sisters!!!!

Cats Name: Ming – Oct 2000 – July 2007
Owner’s Name: Sue Eddey

Hissy Fit even though your time on earth was short we love you and miss you

Cats Name: Rescue Kitten – Hissy Fit
Owners Name: Michael & Michael

China and Kuchin

My beloved sealpoint Siamese “velvet cat”, Ku and “precious baby” red Siamese, Chi who went to kitty heaven on 21 June 2007. I miss you beyond belief and nothing can fill the huge void in my life and heart. You were my first cats and although I got you late in life, your unconditional love and devotion to me in good times and bad is the best thing that ever happened to me. Have a wonderful time in kitty heaven, climb the trees, catch the butterflies, have lots of sand baths and I’ll see
you again one day.

My beloved boys. You were such an integral part of our family and now that you’ve gone, there’s such a void in my heart. I miss you beyond belief and think about you constantly. Thank you for the privilege of knowing you and living with you both for five years. Oh, but that I could turn the clock back just a week. I know you are with me all the time so keep each other company until we meet again one day.

“No, heaven shall never heaven be if my beloved cats are not waiting for me”

Cats Name: Kuchin & China
Owner’s Names: Vicky Cronje

My beloved boys – it’s been six weeks and I picture you on the Rainbow Bridge. You are always in my thoughts and I know that you will find the warmest sunbeam, the juiciest grass and Chi, a lovely shrub to sit under and some warm sand to bath in. I miss you beyond words and life will never be the same without you. Until we meet again one day. Your heartbroken Mom.

My beloved boys, it’s been over six months since I had to say goodbye to you and I think about you every single day. I miss your cute little faces expectantly waiting for me in your favourite chair when I come home from work every day. I miss you taking over my side of the bed every night and I miss your unconditional love and devotion. I have such sweet memories of the companionship and games we shared. I know you are happy in Kitty Heaven and until I see you again one day, you’ll live in my heart..

Your heartbroken Mom.

My beloved boys, Ku & Chi Chi, it’s been one whole year (21st June 2007) since I had to say goodbye to you and I miss you so much that it feels like yesterday. I can feel your presence and know that you are waiting for me to come and fetch you one day. Have lots of fun on the Rainbow Bridge and know that you were and always will be the most precious kitties to me. I will burn two little candles in your memory tomorrow and I will never, ever forget you.

Your loving Mom

2009 – My beloved boys, yesterday it was two years ago that I had to say goodbye to you both and I think about you every day. I’m sure you’re happy in Kitty Heaven and every time I feel a little breath of air or a kitty weight on my bed during the night, I know that your little spirits are right there with me.

Till we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge, I’ll miss you both and love you forever.

Your ever loving Mom

2010-My beloved boys, it’s three years today since I had to say goodbye to you both. I think about you every day and know that you are happy in Kitty Heaven. I know this because I see you in my dreams where my red Chi doesn’t fight with the other cats anymore and my social Ku spends his life chilling with everyone. Until we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge, I’ll love and miss you forever.

2011 – My beloved boys. It’s been four years tomorrow since I had to say goodbye to you and you are both in my thoughts every day. I know that we will one day be reunited on the Rainbow Bridge. Your ever loving Mom

2012 – My beloved boys, it’s been 5 long years since you left us. I still think about u both with love & thanks for all the joy u brought us. See u on the Rainbow Bridge. Your ever loving Mom

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