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Kitty Heaven

| January 25, 2012

Tarzy, my wise angel boy, sent directly from God, sadly passed suddenly on 6
July 2011. You brought so much love & laughter into my life and was taken away
so soon. You are missed by your mom and your brothers. I am sure you are now
with Simeon, Damian, Mischka, Pollyanna, Timothy & Chloe. Until we all meet at
the rainbow bridge, I always love you.

Cat Name: Tarzy

Owner Name: Carol Kow

Chloe 16 years old, passed in Jan 2011. You were the granny of the family. I
know you will take of your persian brothers & sisters: Simeon, Damian, Timothy
& Tarzy, Mischka & Pollyanna. Sadly missed by me and your brothers.

I know we will meet one day at the Rainbow Bridge. I always love you my baby
blue girl. Thank you for being so long in my life.

Name of Cat: Chloe

Name of Owner: Carol Kow


Woorde kanie die pyn in hierdie gebroke hart van mamma beskryfnie, ek mis jou met my alles MY Mammie Soph! Van die oggend speletjies op die bed, jy wat by sy sit op die spielkas terwyl mamma regmaak vir werk, my haar rekkies skelm uit die laai lig en daarmee speel. Die laaang meaws soggend tot ek vir jou ietsie lekker gee vir ontbyt. Hoe jy op die ouderdom van 3 jaar nog kon bok spring soos n baba katjie. Om elke hoekie vir ons wag en bespring… Hoe jy soms vir Pa n “head start” gegee het en dan catches gespeel het – hy mis dit. Ons mis hoe jy saans sagkuns by ons op die bank kom le het. Al die liefde wat jy vir ons gegee het – Dit was n eer om jou by ons te kon he vir 3 jaar. Ek is kwaad vir myself omdat ek jou nie daai aand ingeroep het toe dit donker geword het nie, ek het hard gebid dat jy die operasie sou oorleef en weer by ons kon wees, maar die dokter se die karstamp was te erg. Wens ek was daar toe hy die Narkose omgedraai het, misksien sou my stem jou uit die skok gelui het.

Saam wie gaan ek nou my dadel koekies deel? Sophie, jy het “footprints” diep in my hart gelos. Die huis is still sonder jou, daar is n gat in ons harte, jy het dit, hou dit styf vas daar op die reenboog brug, terwyl jy afkyk op ons. Ons gaan eendag weer saamwees, dit belower ek jou, daar is famielie en vriende vir jou daar bo, Garflied, Slang, Bogus, Mirtie, Astirx, Snuggles, ouma en oupa groetjie is ook daar, ons gaan eendag almal weer saam wees, ek gaan jou dan styf vashou….. Ek weet jy het my soveel lief, soos ek jou het. Jy sal sien ek gesels so nou en dan nog met jou… Mamma wil n ander katjie kry om te help met die hartseer, ons huis kanie sonder n kat nie, jy het dit so vir ons geskilder. Kom kuier so nou en dan vir my asb.

Sophie, wag vir my by die reenboog brug, ek gaan vir jou uitkyk…. Speel maar lekker daar met jou maatjies. Sal jou nooit vergeet nie. XOXOXO

Tot weerdersiens: Tasha en Pierre

JAPSNOET – 07/02/2011

The day you walked into our lives I never thought you would grow into such an incredible awsome cat, you took my heart with the first small miaau you gave at the age of three weeks in the tree outside my house. You walked home with our son for more than four blocks in your small steps but Snoet you walked straight into my life and heart.

You were such a special cat, slept on my shoulder, talked to me as soon as Icame home from work every day for the past five years telling me about your day, even when you bought me a giant rat to show your love I could only love you more! You had a way to sit on your back legs with your front legs stretched out infront of you for me to pick you up – just like a baby I carried you all over with me, beware if I tried to ignore you – you would “attack” my feet just to let me know I can not ignore you.

You fought a brave battle my boytjie – 60 months every day with the hearbreaking disease called leukemia – you never showed your own fear, your own sickness to me – You probably did not want me to worry over you. The past three months I had to keep you going with treats instead of food, I knew your time had come but it was to unreal to believe, how will I ever forget everytime I grate cheese you would get your piece, Oh how you loved mince even before it reached the pot you were there to get your snack!

Monday I had to let you go, you could not go on any longer without pain and I did not want you to suffer – I know you are at the rainbow bridge waiting for me, one thousand years is like a day for you, I promise you Snoetjie – YOU will always be in my heart, in my head and in my dreams till we meet again someday

I miss you with every heartbeat and I will love you forever
Your mommy

Zerina Mackay

Paikia – green amber eyes – deep-seeing
black velvet, striped, softly subtle
a silky soft purring
brushing us gently
paw reaching out
a welcome
eyes meet, noses brush
Majestic panther-cat
proudly tall, tail curled
you tell none of the pain
you simply purr your end.

Go gently, dearest friend.

Cat’s Name: Paikia
Owners:Emma Proctor

My darling Olive died tragically on 10 January 2009. I submitted an entry for her for Kitty Kat of the Month in April 2009. I will never ever get over her and had wanted to enter her but had never gotten around to it. I had entered 2 of my other girls previously.

Every time I think of her I cry. Every time I look at a picture of her I cry. She was such a special little girl. I used to introduce her to people as “my first born”.

I found her as a kitten, sitting on the tyres of cars parked where I used to work, and I took her home. What a naughty kitten!

But she absolutely loved me. Used to sleep under the duvet with her head on the pillow next to me.

I chose to have her cremated individually. Her ashes sit atop a ledge on my fire place, with the same picture that I submitted on top of the little wooden box, in which they placed the following poem –

They say memories are golden, well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories, I only wanted you.

A million times I needed you, a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly, In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place no one could ever fill.

If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane,
I’d walk the path to heaven and bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.

I only saw the e-mail that she had come up for voting on about 10 September 2010 and when I went in and voted for her she was already way ahead of the rest! I adored her. My baby was only 5 years old. I’m very proud that she is Kitty Kat of the month!

Caroline Morrison

Ark, I am going to miss your smile, our little chats in thekitchen while I was busy there. I am going to miss you walking outside with me when Maryna picks up the children for school. You always comforted me when I was sad and you always looked after me when Idid not feel good. Missing your voice, the way you waked me up in the morning. I am missing you my boy.

Cat’s Name: Ark
Soulmate: Marica Grobler

Manxie, my Manxie-Manx, from the moment I saw you pretending to be the Sphinx, when I stopped to rescue you on the road in the docks, I loved you. You are the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. You have made my life so much richer and blessed, and that is why it hurts so much now that you are gone. I don’t think I will ever be happy again, my life is so empty without you. When you got ill with the cancer, I tried so hard, and I felt so lost. Our last day, when I took you to the vet to ask him to stop your suffering was so awful. I wish I could have made you better. I remember those cold rainy days when you’d look at me as if you couldn’t understand why I couldn’t do anything about the bad weather. I felt so helpless, I couldn’t take away the cancer, and I couldn’t slow it down or stop it. My baby, I wrote your name it the sky, but the wind blew it away, then I wrote it in the sand but the waves washed it away, so I wrote it in my heart and there it will forever stay. I love you my little girl, with all that I have. RIP, October 1995 – 29 June 2010.

Cat’s Name: Manxie
Soulmate: Lolly Abnett

Holly was a cat.

The property where he lived borders the valley, and what a fun place to play for a boisterous, yet gentle, young cat.

He was last seen at home in Bendor Drive, Beverley Grove, on Friday, 2nd April 2010, and always came home for supper.

He was found alive by a neighbour outside the neighbour’s own valley boundery wall on Tuesday, 6th April 2010, and was taken to the vet.

After x-rays it was discovered that a lead pellet was lodged in his spine, paralysing the lower half of his body.

Due to the placement of the pellet in the spinal cord, no surgery would help him. We had to put him to sleep.

There is somebody out there who raised a gun, and shot my beloved cat. I want that someone to know that an innocent pet suffered for days without food or shelter. That his last few days were spent pining to come home.

  • Did you know that he was someone’s companion?
  • Did you know that we raised him from a kitten, meerly the
    size of one’s hand, and have hundreds of photographs of him
    sleeping, playing, pouncing, discovering and loving?
  • Did you know that he could play fetch? How many cats do
    you know who can do that!
  • Do you know the heartache you have caused, and the anger
    you have created?
  • Would you have done the same to an innocent, young child?
  • Air guns are sold over the counter, and do not require a
    gun license.
  • Like fireworks, there are both pets and children who are
    hurt continuously by these easily obtainable weapons.

I appeal that air guns are treated similarly to guns of war, and require a license to hold one.

If the person who used their air gun on Friday, 2nd April 2010, in the Baakens Valley between Ben Kamma and Beverley Grove, came up to apologise, and made a promise not to use their weapon again, it would bring much relief to myself and to many people concerned of their own pets.

Here is a YouTube video of Holly playing fetch: (,
or search YouTube for “holly port elizabeth”.

You cannot replace a life.
My boy is sorely missed.

Odessa Perelson
Beverley Grove, Port Elizabeth

You were most affectionate kitty at DARG. You were with us for less than 2 years and was taken away far to soon 🙁 I still feel guilty and horrible for taking you away from this world and I hope you understand why 🙁

It wasnt fair to you or us to see you suffer to the end. We miss you to death and you are more than welcome to visit any time. We love you Tomeroni xxxxxx

Cat’s Name: Tomer
Owner’s Name: Jaime Niddrie and Nicolas Rix

My girlie girl – Sammy – we miss you so much – you have been gone now almost 6 months now but you will never be gone from our hearts. Your short stay with us for 3 years brought us much happiness and moments of amusement. Such a beautiful lady you were. I pray you had a painless departure from our world and that you are now resting in peace in kitty heaven. Rhodee also misses you, but now he has taken over your position as boss of the house.

See you again one day, my darling.

Cat’s Name: Sammy
Owners: Stewart & Wendy

Smokie you brought light into our lives, you filled our hearts, you are no ordinary kitty, We were so lucky to have you for a whole year, you deserved so much more time, you made everyone fall in love with you, your always in our hearts..

Smokie, we miss all of your very unique characteristics. i miss you sleeping in my arms and all the love you showed us! We will miss your playfullness and all your jumping against the walls and drinking from the tap, and just your beautiful nature, thank you for making us a family. No kitty could ever replace you.. we will miss you and love you forever. . your parents..

Cat’s Name: Smokie
Owner name: Neil & Chantelle

Our beautiful, beautiful special boy, from the moment we saw you our hearts were stolen by you. You were my inspiration and comfort for seven years especially in the last three when we lost Rossie x I know you have gone home to be with him now and that gives me comfort. I am heartbroken and long to see you again on the Rainbow Bridge xxx You were a cat in a million – there can never ever be another you … We love you our Iggies, Big Man.

Cat’s Name: Tiggies
Owner’s Name: Desiree & Ryan

Cat’s name: Lilo
Owner’s name: Rika & Grant

My beloved Kitty Windt, you changed my life in so many ways, you made me a better person. My heart is paining sooo much. I love you, Rest in peace my angel. Mommy loves you always and will never forget you.

Cat’s name: Windt
Owner’s name: Karen Windt

I’ve had Kizia since i was five. She was a birthday present. She was such a special cat and my best friend for a long time. I started my first proper day of highschool. In a hurry to get home to tell my cat all about it. I arrive, she wasn’t waiting for me like she usually does. I was slightly worried. When I was having supper, our neighbor came to tell us that our other neighbor went on a walk with her two gigantic dogs without a lead on each dog. All i heard was she didn’t make it. I was devestated because kizia ment so much to me. She was so special to me. She is going to be widely missed by the whole neighborhood. may she rest in peace. I will always love her.

Cat’s name: Kizia
Owner’s name: Alex

We all love you more than anything, Lindsey! You were the best cat we could ask for. Miss you!

Cat’s name: Lindsey
Owner’s name: Beth, Brigitte, Bob, Amy

Your presence was so huge, even when your body was so small, and I cant stop missing you, remember your mommy loves you , always. I cant wait to give you 100 kisses again when we meet in your garden of eden, like I promised, my little angel.

Cat’s name: Milla

Owner’s name: Michelle Berman

Liewe Ogies

Die eerste keer toe ek jou sien wou ek begin huil het jy was verwaarloos en jy was brandmaer toe gee ek vir jou kos en toe jy my sien toe weet jy ek is n goeie mens jy het na my toe ge kom en net begin teen my bene skuur ek het jou gevruif en jy het begin prrrr en toe het die honde begin blaf jy het toe in die boom geklim en toe word dit aand ek se` toe vir my pa ek hoop die katjie bly in die boom en toe die volgende ogend gaan kyk ek of hy nog daar is toe is hy daar nou is dit 2009 jy was bly by ons jy het geeet toe raak jy siek ons het jou dokter toe gevat toe gaan ons huis toe ,toe bel die dokter ons jammer ek het alles probeer sy hart het gaan staan en nou mis ek hom baie hy is dood 5 july 2009 my naam is Rochelle 9jaar oud.

Cat’s name: Ogies
Owner’s name: Rochelle Smith

Eleven days ago, we let go our dearest 18-year old kitty, Cookie… We are completely lost without her. She was our friend and our love glue.. She will be missed more than words can express. She was uniquely beautiful with her heart-shaped nose and her truly remarkable, little personality. We will never forget her. Our lives will forever be changed without her….

Cat Name: Cookie
Owner Name: Christine

Toby we will miss you – killed by dogs down the road. Thank your for the fun and joy you gave us in the last few months. Sad owners

Cat Name: Toby
Owner Name: Elbie Boettger

Category: Feline Resources

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