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Larks Purr Burmese

| March 2, 2016


A small cattery, our Larks Purr girls live in the house and bring up their kittens to cope with other cats, a small dog, humans and household rumpus.

From time to time their healthy, lively families need new homes (and hearts) to conquer.

Our lines originate in Britain and we’ve added a healthy dose of Australian vigour, so you can add ‘good looks’ to this package!

From the start we’ve aimed to improve the breed in health and looks so we only accept caring, responsible owners who’ll give their new family members the love and attention they’re accustomed to.

We’re registered with SACC and all the kittens are fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped before they go to new homes.

Please contact Noreen Alexander

Waterval Estate, Johannesburg


Tel: 082 452 7674


Category: Burmese, Feline Resources, Registered Breeders

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