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Carol Kow – I lost my 4th persian to PKD

| December 30, 2011

I lost my 4th persian on Monday 17th to PKD – she died in my arms. From a huge 5kg girl to a little skeleton structure.

My other little girl died 10th June to PKD, also, a little bag of bones.

November 2004, I lost my boy – 8 years old.

December 2002, I lost my huge 7kg boy – who weighed 2kg when he died.

Is there anyway that Breeders can be controlled or penalised for breeding PKD cats? Breeders do not hesitate to charge for the kittens, the new owners deserve to have a healthy kitten. Maybe the public should see pictures in animal magazines not only what a diseased kidney looks like but what the poor animal deteriates to. Maybe this will be a wake up call. Also, the responsibility of caring that goes with a PKD persian, giving them the dignity to the end.

I have helped my precious babies die with dignity, with the help from the outstanding Dr Darryl Hirschowitz. As I have no children, these are mine and I have mourned for their lost. To see something you love deteriotes in front of you that you have no control over, is one the hardest things to deal with.

As there are so many cases of PKD, shouldn’t this be a priority at Onderstepoort for finding a cure for these precious souls who does not deserve the fatal sentence?

Carol Kow



Message: You were my most precious huge boy who showed me how special cats are. You sent directly from Heaven to me.
I miss you so much, but know you look out for Damian, Polly Anna and Mischka who has now joined you.
I was privileged to be part of your life.
Love you always

Cat Name: Simeon
Passed away: December 2002

Category: Feline Resources

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