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| December 29, 2011

I am a man almost 50 years of age who for many years and thought that I would be a pure dog lover for all my life, having been actively involved with dog training and also German Shepherd Dog shows for a number of years.

Due to circumstances I had to end my involvement with dog training and dog shows and for some six years owned no dogs. Then during 2004 I met a lady friend Maxie Dreyer who has been a cat lover all her life. During September 2005 she got a Siamese male kitten which she named Micka and just there my interest in cats started. Shortly after she got her kitten, we one day in November 2005 walked into a pet shop and in the spur of the moment I bought myself two moggies.

Well, my two moggies (the male grey which I gave the name of Charlie and ginger female named Chilli) got so deep into my heart and still everyday amazes me with the wonderful love we have for each other. Off course they are sleeping with the “old man” (that’s me) and they absolutely follow me like little shadows where-ever I go. I love them dearly and cannot imagine continuing my life without them.

Maxie Dreyer and I became house mates in February 2006 and with her one and my two cats we became just one happy family. Unfortunately she will have to move to alternative accommodation closer to her work shortly and we can just imagine how sad and difficult it’s going to be for her one and my two cats to be separated, since they became very attached to each other.

I attended my first cat show on 26 August 2006 as a pure observer and enjoyed the day intensely and now consider buying my first suitable thorough breed and start showing cats. As male person and former competitor in dog shows I certainly never expected to become such a cat lover within such a short period of time. Actually if anybody would predict that I could become a cat lover I would just have laughed it off.

I also wish to congratulate you on the wonderful and informative web for cat lovers you have put together. For me as a new-comer to the cat world it is great to know that such an excellent source of information and form of contact with other experienced cat lovers is so closely available. I certainly have a lot to learn about cats and connecting to your web is going to become an almost daily event for me. Quite frankly I don’t think I was ever before “open” to admiring cats for the adorable animals and wonderful companions they are but I can now without hesitation confirm that they already became indispensable part of my life within only a few months since I got them.

I can appreciate that to each real cat lover his or her cats are beautiful, and yes, my cats are absolutely beautiful to me, so I decided to include their photographs with this letter. Therefore nobody should blame me for believing that they are beautiful enough to become Kitty Cat of the Month on your web.

(Note the amazing effect of the sun shining in from a window behind the cats, particularly with the white colour of the Siamese. I never expected this position would be suitable for photographs and wish to assure that the original picture quality or lighting hasn’t been changed by any means)

Yours faithfully
Dolf Coetzee

Category: Feline Resources

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