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| December 30, 2011

I left my cat Midnight Shadow in the care of Miss A who is involved with friends of the cats, on the 21St of April 2009. I asked Miss A to look after my cat until I was able to bring it through to Israel. That was the agreement we had made between us both. While I was in Israel I sent numerous emails to Miss A and contacted her via telephone stating that I would like to bring my cat out to Israel. Miss A never responded to any of my emails or telephone calls regarding the cat. Miss A only responded to my emails to ask for money and she kept on saying that the cat was fine and playing with the other cats. On the 23rd of June I received an e-mail from Miss A to say that the cat was fine but that she was in financial difficulties. After that I never heard from her again. I then tried to contact her again to say that I was coming back to Johannesburg and will be taking Midnight back. I arrived in Johannesburg on the 12th August only to discover a very disturbing email from Miss A, to say that my beautiful boy had passed away. I do not believe that Miss A is telling the truth; first off when we left Midnight in her care he was extremely healthy. Secondly if you are in financial difficulties why take the cat to have his teeth cleaned and put unnecessary stress on him when we know for a fact there was nothing wrong with his teeth. Thirdly why change his collar if he had a perfectly good one. Fourthly why change his name when he already has a name???????????????? If you are battling financially why take in cats and rescue them if you are unable to afford their vet treatments and there food costs, also on gaining access to Miss A’s flat she showed me a table on which she had numerous photographs of cats which she had rescued and proudly stated that all these cats had passed away. None of this is adding up, you mean to tell me that all of those cats died, I do not think so, and I think they have all been sold for money and financial gain as she keeps on complaining how broke she is. What kind of a person are you??? I bought and paid for cats and rescued them from the SPCA and when I ask for help I get treated like a person who couldn’t care less and told that I have abandoned my cats and that I should have checked the credentials of the people I gave them to first, well by the way Miss M, your friend Miss A was the one who found homes for them.

My cats have never been undernourished nor mal treated. They have all received love and have always been playful and full of beans. My cats have never been sick except for maybe snuffles and a couple of them have had abscesses on them which had to be removed. I was always going to bring some of my cats over to Israel and I was going to have to rehome some of them. Midnight, Snowlily, Nemo, Ariel and Goblin were always going to be coming to Israel with me. I had to wait to bring Lilly and her two babies out as they were not old enough yet, but once they were and we were settled in they were going to be brought out. Miss A, you took something away from me that was and still is very dear to my heart. When I heard about Midnight it was like a piece of my heart had been ripped out. Midnight was always very close to me. He and Goblin would sleep with me every night and would follow me to and from the bedroom. He was never a scared cat until he went to you. Midnight is like a child to me, how would you like it if I took your child from you or for that matter your pet or any of your belongings, YOU WOULDN’T LIKE THAT NOW.
Just for the record we did have financial problems and still owe the vet some money but always made a plan should any of our cats need medical attention. Further more you emailed a few people stating that when you received some cats which were placed in homes you stated that they were in bad condition and in poor health. As we both know that is allot of rubbish as you are trying to discredit us and make you name grow within the cat world.

Miss O I hope you are going to read this letter as Miss A was not stuck the day she came to your door. She stated that she has a gun which she showed me in case there was any trouble. That day when Miss A told me to stay in the car around the corner I was scared as I don’t like violence.

Miss R,
You stood in front of me and to my face stated that I could have any of my cats back at any time. How could you lie with such a straight face? When hearing that you gave Goblin to Miss L I instructed you to hand Goblin back to me. It was totally unacceptable to attack me on the internet for all to see.
On contacting Miss L to ask to see Goblin she refused. I asked Miss L for a fax number as I have started legal proceedings against both Miss R and Miss L . Miss L stated that all legal documents can be shoved in the toilet. What a professional person you are Miss L, or should I say to faced. You claim to love cats. From allot of information from other people both Miss R and your self are in this business for only one thing. MONEY!!!!!! You don’t care about the animals at all, just the money Miss R, as you stated that everyone knows that you were suspended from the cat federation of southern Africa for whatever reason, I will not stop until you can no longer breed cats.
One more thing….I will not stop until Goblin and Midnight are safely back with me. We have opened a petition group against these people who should not be allowed to own nor breed any animals. I am asking for all animal lovers to join us to stop these people.

Gavin and Francine Kruger
The names have been changed in this letter.

Category: Feline Resources

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