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Letters: Johan Groenewald – House of Horror

| December 30, 2011

Hi everybody

On the old Seaview Road in Port Elizabeth, surrounded by burning bush, is an old WELL CAMOFLAUGED shack/hut.

Inside this house, we came across 21 very traumatised cats and two traumatised dogs. No food, no water, no bedding, no litter trays, no light and no way to escape!!!

One of the cats has brain damage, one is blind (it’s eyes have been poked at) and one still had a snare attached to its paw. All of these little babies are very, very traumatised – preferring the safety of the carrier boxes they were rescued in than the freedom of a large cattery with plenty of shelter, warmth, food and water. Most of the animals rescued are suffering from serious mange / skin allergies. All of them are very, very dirty and flea ridden.

Two calico’s, one torti, two red, one red and white, one black KITTEN and fourteen black and white cats. The cats were all very hungry, had been living for goodness alone knows how long without comfort and having to go ‘potty’ wherever they could.

It is anybody’s guess what would have happened to these animals – eaten?? satanism??? Thank goodness they have been rescued.

Six of the cats are obviously recent additions as they are well fed – possibly stolen from somebody. Perhaps ALL of them once belonged to somebody.

The dogs are maltese crosses and are currently cowering in a corner – too scared to face life.

With the recent addition of 58 rescued husky/wolf crosses, our kennels and catteries are fit to burst.

We need help desperately. If anybody out there is willing to make a donation towards the veterinary expenses of the latest rescues, it will be very, VERY gratefully accepted.

The banking details are as follows :

BRANCH CODE: 12-16-17
CHEQUE ACCOUNT: 1216078319

Please forward a copy of your deposit (if possible) to with RESCUE in the subject line so that a tax receipt can be forwarded to you as well as a thank you letter.

Please feel free to contact the Founder and President of Save-a-Pet, Mavis Smith on 0833947697 for further details or if you would like to offer one of these pets a loving home.

Thanking you
Jo-Ann Meiring

Sent in by Johan Groenewald

Category: Feline Resources

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