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Letters: Leigh – “GUS” – a loving friend

| December 30, 2011

Thursday a week ago my neutured cat “GUS” went missing.

When he hadn’t come home on Friday I phoned my neighbour ”Peggy”, Gus would often pop over and play with her cats. She was concerned as she had not seen Gus. On Saturday I phoned her again – nothing, I started going around the complex and common gardens looking for him.

After posting posters a neighbour came to tell me she had found a grey, Siamese look-alike cat dead in her garden.

What I found will haunt me for the rest of my. Gus had been subjected to a terribly violent death.

I took him to a vet for autopsy on Friday 4th April. He had been disembowled, all his skin on the central cavity had also been removed along with all his ribs. No internal organs were found nor his ribs. He had incisions running down his legs to his feet. His spinal column was totally exposed. It appears as if he had also been burnt as part part of this evil ritual or whatever, as the brush found in the area had been burnt. Gus was still wearing his collar, name tag and bell when found.

This took place in Heritage Park – a quite, very secure Estate in Somerset West Cape Town. What is terribly distressing is most residents are animal lovers and all have pets.

Neighbours heard a terrible scream on Thursday evening, that night we were all awakened by dogs barking. They must have barked for over an hour.

I reported this to the police and local animal welfare groups along with our local newspaper. Need I mention the police were totally unmoved by this heinous crime.

My vet has been practicing in Somerset West may years +-25 or more and has never seen anything as shocking as this. I fear that some sick person has managed to get away with this and will just carry on.

Sadly before I knew Guss’s fate I adopted 2 kittens from Animal Welfare and now fear for their safety. I am frustrated and heartbroken. Gus died and no-one with authority seems to care or tried to look into it.

Gus was a very loving cat, my neighbours knew and loved him. He was a quite soul staying home most times and occasionally visiting aunty “Peggy’s cats next door. Sadly his loving, trusting nature is what caused him to die. Gus would have been easily lured by this evil person. The pshyco would have grabbed Gus from the front of my garden where he loved to lie and watch the local action.

I hope this can be distributed and make people more aware and hopefully Gus’s death would help make a difference for the future and not gone forgotten.

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