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Letters: Mariana Booth – Miriam from Egypt

| January 10, 2012

My name is Miriam and I am all the way from Egypt. I come from EMRO [Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization]. The Egyptians say I am Shiraz Mau. After a 48 hour flight with BA I arrived safely in Cape Town on Thursday morning. Diab and Yassir came with me.

Please visit

Mariana Booth

According to our shelter records, Miriam was a young mom who came into our shelter from Alexandra Road north of Cairo from Miriam’s yard there.

She had 4 kittens whom we either rehomed or sent to other shelters. She came in on May 16, 2007 as a street rescue. She was very good natured and was a lucky cat to be adopted by Mariana who spotted her right away. She is what we call a shirazi mau, or long haired mau, in this case a classic or marbelized pattern. She was spayed shortly after her kittens were weaned. Yassir came in as part of a litter on Aug 07, born approx June 07. His sister Redah is adopted and awaiting travel to Germany this fall.

They both had some ringworm but it cleared up in isolation in the shelter. They were rescues from the street from Tanta, a town north of Cairo. He was named after one of our shelter workers, who went to pick them up to bring them back to the shelter.

He is a bronze Mau. Diab was one of four kittens born to a litter inside EMRO to a shirazi mau called Deena. She was born Apr 7, 2006 and her mom came from the streets in Mokattam near our shelter. At first we thought Diab was a male and was called after a famous Egyptian singer.

She was one of the last to be adopted of the litter. Deena was one of the best mom cats we’ve seen and very attentative to her litter. Diab is a beautifully spotted bronze mau as well.

If you have any specific questions about our shelter or organization we would be happy to try to answer them. Best wishes, Gloria Gloria Lauris Treasurer and Co-Founder The Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization (EMRO)

Recent EMRO News EMRO has had a number of newsworthy activities recently.

Update on MAU’S in SA Rescued EMRO Mau Cat enters Show and Wins! (South Africa) May 24 08, Cape Town, South Africa. Recently adopted EMRO shelter cat, “Diab” a spayed, 2 year old bronze Mau was entered into a local cat show in South Africa and came first in her category and got a certificate as well. Two more show wins and she will be eligible to be a “master”. The adopter, Mariana Booth says that people were very interested and enthusiastic to see a Mau and she took the opportunity to distribute EMRO brochures around to raise awareness for the breed and hope for more adoptions of shelter cats through this route.

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