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Letters: Maryke Villet

| January 10, 2012

Thank you very much for putting all my photos on the website.

It means so much to me. I just want to show people how much I care for my cats.

You see they are indoor cats and they have a lot of stuff to keep them busy. They even have their own Kitty DVD and believe me, they really enjoy the DVD. I also do not let them go outside without their leashes and I did not even had to train them.

This is my way of contribution towards animals (especially cats) that are abandoned or abused. Daizy was one of 5 kittens that were found by my father in a box abandoned in bushes near a residential area. (Can you believe that people can do something like that to helpless kittens) So he took the 5 kittens home [they already had 1 Cat(Lolla), 1 Bird(Volla), 1 Potbelly Pig (Ottie), 1 Dalmatian (Soldaat), 1 Jackrussel (Bennie), 1 Dutch hound (Bobbie) and 1 Australian Cattle Dog (Scooter)] and my mother became their mother. When they were old enough, I adopted Daizy (and Kitty had to adapt to Daizy) and my mother could not get it over her heart to give the rest of the kitties away. We had all of the cats fixed.

Unfortunately, there is someone in the nabourhood that cannot just let animals be. Lolla disappeared not long after the new Kitties arrived (my sister were really terrified). When the 4 remaining cats (Mr. Brown, Lynx, Poppie and other Poppie) grew older Mr. Brown (he was the apple of my fathers’ eye) was the first one to disappear, you could see that the cats where shocked as if something terrible had happened to Mr. Brown. Not long after that Lynx also disappeared. -A few years before Soldaat, Bennie, Bobby and all of the rest even existed we had a Dutchhund (Duimpie) and Cat (Sokkies) they mysteriously disappeared at the same time. – Now I ask you, how can animals and so many of them even when wearing collars and been fixed just disappears. So many other people complain about animals that just disappear! This is also one of the reasons why I decided that my cats will be indoor cats.

The good news is that my mother took in another cat (Friskies – because be looks just like the Friskies cat) people at a leading supermarket wanted to shoot the baby. Friskies and the remaining 2 Poppies and all the other animals lives in harmony. They even have a visitor from next door who comes and visit every day to play with Friskie and the rest. She is the most beautiful cat with the bushiest tail I’ve ever seen.

Even my brothers jackrussel (Fielies) comes and stay every day at my mothers house while his father is working. See the photo of Fielies and Friskies how they really do live in harmony.

I just want to thank you again for my photos, I really, really appreciated it!

I just wish there would be more people like my mother, to make a difference.

Have a nice day and thank you for a great website!!

Maryke Villet

Category: Feline Resources

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