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Letters: Riaan Zeelie – response to “To all pet owners emigrating”

| December 30, 2011

To all pet owners emigrating,

There is no excuse not bringing your pet along with you, if you can bring your children with you , you can bring your pet with you.

Not even a dog through her puppies away. There is cases where the dogs is to dangerous, that is different!

We emigrate with our cat (Lulu)- Siamese, 12 years old, Canada- Vancouver, of all places, the most difficult one to bring in live animals.

We were flying Delta and she were flying KLM, she also stayed in a doggy hotel in Amsterdam for one night.

There was no need for her to stay 3 – 6 months in quarantine, just follow the procedures on the countries web site about emigrating of live animals into the country. There is a different way of doing it to ovoid the quarantine.

Remember , you cannot replace a loving CAT or dog , they have their own UNIQUE personalities!


Category: Feline Resources

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