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Letters: Susanne Mattes – Savannah Scam

| April 12, 2012

Hi there,

I just happen to see your website, when I was looking for something else.

I would just like to warn all your members of a scam that is going on – and I have been a victim. Kittens (pedigreed and quite costly) are advertised on Gumtree, and similar sites.

I always wanted a Savannah kitten, but was told some years ago, that Savannahs are not legal in SA.

So imagine my delight when I saw an ad for Savannahs on Johannesburg Gumtree last week.

The kittens were R 2.500 each, and the breeders in P.E.

I asked for the name of their cattery, and got a name that I also found on the SACC website.

Well – I am lucky, as I paid “only” a 50% deposit. No kitten ever showed up of course.

Due to some stupidity of the scamsters, they mistakenly forwarded my proof of payment for the deposit to someone else who had paid the whole amount already.

That lasy, and her friend, both paid the full amount, but then contacted me over Easter when they were asked to shell out a further 3k as deposit for a crate.

That’s when every alarmbell started ringing.

The other lady bought the same kitten that I paid a deposit for.

The “breeders” then got quite upset when we asked for some proof etc, but we got a copy of an ID, and a copy of an SA passport.

They also carried on about how religious there are, and that they would never defraud people.

They also told stories about someone being ill, then in hospital, in a coma, and eventually dying.

So – cellphone not answered anymore, emails not responded to, so called pet transport agency and so called breeders disappeared.

We will lay a charge at the SAPS, we have contacted Standard Bank’s (where the scammers accounts were held), and so on.

As I said – just a warning to your members. There are some very sick people out there.

Oh and by the way – will get a cat form a shelter this afternoon!
All the very best,

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