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Vicky Cronje – Kuchin & China

| December 30, 2011

Thank you for your wonderful website.

I recently had to have my two handsome Siamese boys sent to kitty heaven as we moved to a flat where animals are not allowed. It’s not as straight forward as that, though, as I’ve been trying so hard to keep them since December last year when we had to move out of our garden flat. Unfortunately, there were many other cats sharing the premises and my Red Siamese, China, was involved in many a fight with cats who insisted on coming into our home, eating my cats’ food and spraying in their bedroom.

China was badly hurt more than once and had to go to the vet for antibiotics etc. so it wasn’t a purrrfect place for them. Prior to that, we lived in a garden flat for 18 months where they had their very own safe garden and no-one could bother them so that was kitty paradise for them – that was almost five years ago.

When we moved to our current flat in February, I left my cats in a cattery where they’d stayed on many occasions with a wonderful lady (who has become a good friend) until we could make a plan. I asked the Chairman of the Body Corporate whether we could have them there and his answer was an emphatic “NO”. Well, after them being at the cattery for two months, we decided to sneak them into our new home under cover of darkness one Saturday night which we did.

It was pretty hair raising as China is very vocal and let everyone know in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t too sure about this new living arrangement with no garden. Anyway, he settled down after about a week but my chocolate boy, Kuchin (who we found out was actually a Sealpoint) was quite happy as long as we were around although it was obvious that he too was missing a garden. They stayed with us for two months before they were spotted sitting on the window sill in the sun on the 20th June and it was reported to the managing agents of the building.

On 20th June we received a letter telling us that the cats had to go immediately and I just didn’t know what to do because we’d tried to find someone suitable to adopt them, I didn’t want to send them back to the cattery and although I’d been looking for a cat friendly place for six months, there was just nothing suitable for us and the boys. I had to make the most heart breaking decision of sending them to kitty heaven because I just had no choice and was thinking of what was the best for them. That was on 21 June and I realise that a little piece of me went with them as I just haven’t been able to function properly since then.

I received my cats as a birthday gift from my partner who knew how badly I’d always loved Siamese cats and we eventually managed to find Kuchin after a long search. We then decided that as we are at work all day, he had to have a friend and hence China arrived on the scene and they instantly became firm friends and were also half brothers.

I have never been owned by a cat before, having always been a “dog person” so it was a learning curve for me but the unconditional love, comfort and company I had from them is something that will live with me forever. I was really their human mother and they used to follow me around like little shadows, even when I had a bath and I wasn’t allowed to close the door when I went to the loo either!

They used to jostle for the best spot on my lap whilst watching TV every evening and Kuchin slept under the duvet curled up against my legs. China’s favourite sleeping spot was in my arms with his head on my shoulder and think that was left over from his kittenhood. He was very sick as a tiny baby, having picked up a virus from the garden, and the vet battled to save his life and whilst he was working on my kitten, he had his little head tucked into my shoulder. Since that episode, he has been an extremely healthy cat but never forgot his Mom’s shoulder as a place of comfort!

I think that my boys are in a good place, where they are safe, and know that I adore them and tried my best for them. They had almost five wonderful years of love and undivided attention that a lot of other kitties never have in a lifetime. I didn’t really want to re-home them as have heard terrible stories about cats running away from new homes and never being seen again, being run over by cars, savaged by dogs etc. My cats knew nothing about cars, roads or any danger so they’d have been very vulnerable to danger of any sort.

China, my red Siamese, was a very sensitive, anti-social young man and ducked under the bed at the first sign of strangers or anything that was different and I’m convinced he wouldn’t have settled into a new home. The lady who bred him and with whom he was staying in the cattery agreed with me 100%. Kuchin always acted like a big, brave macho boy but he was just a little cat and only tolerated unusual changes in his routine to a certain extent.

I believe that Siamese cats are one-man animals so I thought kitty heaven would be the safest place for them. I miss them so much and still expect them to appear as they always did when I come home from work or cuddled up together on their blanket at the end of our bed. It’s very painful for me to even go home knowing they won’t be there but I did what I thought was the right thing at the time and have to live with my decision. I’ve been assured that the pain lessens with time but the memories and the joy they brought me will last forever.

I just wanted to share my feelings and this experience with other cat lovers, who will understand how much my cats meant to me, and as I know of at least one other cat lover who has been in this dreadful situation, I wonder how many others there might be out there.

Warm regards
Vicky Cronje

Message:  My beloved sealpoint Siamese “velvet cat”, Ku and “precious baby” red Siamese, Chi who went to kitty heaven on 21 June 2007. I miss you beyond belief and nothing can fill the huge void in my life and heart. You were my first cats and although I got you late in life, your unconditional love and devotion to me in good times and bad is the best thing that ever happened to me. Have a wonderful time in kitty heaven, climb the trees, catch the butterflies, have lots of sand baths and I’ll see you again one day.

My beloved boys. You were such an integral part of our family and now that you’ve gone, there’s such a void in my heart. I miss you beyond belief and think about you constantly. Thank you for the privilege of knowing you and living with you both for five years. Oh, but that I could turn the clock back just a week. I know you are with me all the time so keep each other company until we meet again one day.

“No, heaven shall never heaven be if my beloved cats are not waiting for me”


Cats Name: Kuchin & China
Owner’s Names: Vicky Cronje

My beloved boys – it’s been six weeks and I picture you on the Rainbow Bridge. You are always in my thoughts and I know that you will find the warmest sunbeam, the juiciest grass and Chi, a lovely shrub to sit under and some warm sand to bath in. I miss you beyond words and life will never be the same without you. Until we meet again one day. Your heartbroken Mom.

My beloved boys, it’s been over six months since I had to say goodbye to you and I think about you every single day. I miss your cute little faces expectantly waiting for me in your favourite chair when I come home from work every day. I miss you taking over my side of the bed every night and I miss your unconditional love and devotion. I have such sweet memories of the companionship and games we shared. I know you are happy in Kitty Heaven and until I see you again one day, you’ll live in my heart..

Your heartbroken Mom.

My beloved boys, Ku & Chi Chi, it’s been one whole year (21st June 2007) since I had to say goodbye to you and I miss you so much that it feels like yesterday. I can feel your presence and know that you are waiting for me to come and fetch you one day. Have lots of fun on the Rainbow Bridge and know that you were and always will be the most precious kitties to me. I will burn two little candles in your memory tomorrow and I will never, ever forget you.

Your loving Mom

2009 – My beloved boys, yesterday it was two years ago that I had to say goodbye to you both and I think about you every day. I’m sure you’re happy in Kitty Heaven and every time I feel a little breath of air or a kitty weight on my bed during the night, I know that your little spirits are right there with me.

Till we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge, I’ll miss you both and love you forever.
Your ever loving Mom


2010-My beloved boys, it’s three years today since I had to say goodbye to you both. I think about you every day and know that you are happy in Kitty Heaven. I know this because I see you in my dreams where my red Chi doesn’t fight with the other cats anymore and my social Ku spends his life chilling with everyone. Until we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge, I’ll love and miss you forever.

2011 – My beloved boys. It’s been four years tomorrow since I had to say goodbye to you and you are both in my thoughts every day. I know that we will one day be reunited on the Rainbow Bridge. Your ever loving Mom

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