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Letters: Zerina Mackay – Cat Lover for Life

| December 30, 2011

Hi all cat lovers

When I read about all the wrongs in this world especially to animals it makes me sick to my stomach! I was always a dog person till one day one little kitty in a horrible state at a local petshop caught my eye, needless to say that I had no choice but to take her home, after I took her at the petshop I took her to my vet who after examining her said she was only 3 weeks old!!

With lots of love and care I had her for about a month when one night she died in my hands (she was so small), I totally went crazy! I never thought that I can love something so much… After about a week crying I went back to the petshop to tell the owner I am going to put the SPCA on him if he does not stop treating the kittens so bad and keep on taking kittens that is less than 6 weeks old, long story short today I have 3 lovely cats (each with their own sad story) but luckily they came into my life by luck – fate and I promised them to keep them safe for as long as they

Each one of them has their own personality even the one I lost 2 weeks ago from a person who knocked her over in my own driveway – but one day each person must admit their wrongs against our Father.

Every night I drive home I look out for stray or hungry cats (I always have Whiskas pouches with me just in case) and I know that this little gesture of mine might mean life for a hungry kitty.

I think all of you out there will agree with me that you won’t trade your cat for anything in this world.

Zerina Mackay

Category: Feline Resources

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