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Marileen Reyneke

| January 10, 2012

I’m Arabella, please to meet you too! Seeing that the world is my playground, I will give you some vital info on how to stay mentally and physically fit and healthy.

1. Swing from curtain rods – any available ones. Have faith when you don’t succeed the first time. Just keep on trying.
2. Take a regular bath. I still cant figure why most felines fear water. Phew!
3. Chase anything that moves: a leave, the dog’s wagging tail; Anything that passes by. Don’t forget to stretch! (as shown)
4. Play hide and seek with yourself. Make friends , have a laugh and enjoy life!
Should you require any additional info about fitness and health issues, make sure to “catch” me at the Feline film festival next month! (I’ll be the one hanging from a curtain rod)
Don’t talk to me, talk to my mother. Should you look for me, I’ll be either on her lap or right behind her. Yap yap. Ok so I’m lazy and the physical mental fitness thing is just not my game, ok? I prefer to eat and of coarse relax as much as possible. I’m curious and interesting and believe to be a fine cheese connoisseur.

Please don’t try unintelligent conversation with me. I get so bored that I literally bite you to silence. Be clever and rather keep your mouth shut. I’ll be catching on some sleep. Oh yes, call me Lodewijk. Lodewijk the great. Yarn…

They are my devon rex brats – both 7 months

Category: Feline Resources

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