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National Cat Action Taskforce -Countrywide, South Africa

| October 4, 2010


The National Cat Action Taskforce - To help existing cat-care organisations and individuals countrywide do more of what they are already doing.

The National Cat Action Taskforce - To help existing cat-care organisations and individuals countrywide do more of what they are already doing.

This is an organisation with a difference, however. Not only will it be national, but it will have the following two objectives:

Primary objective: To help existing cat-care organisations and individuals countrywide do more of what they are already doing.

In other words, we want to help those organisations rescue more cats, feed more cats, sterilise more cats, and home more cats. We would like to do this by providing them not only with funds – which will be distributed carefully and systematically – but also by helping them gain access to resources such as information, veterinary services, traps, etc.

Secondary objective: To train and employ – and therefore empower – previously disadvantaged individuals, eg as feral trappers.

At the moment, we consist only of an executive committee of 7 people and a publicist. These 8 people are people who have been active in animal rescue work for some time. Some of us bring with us a lot of experience, but all of us bring with us PASSION and COMMITMENT. You may know some of us. We are: Tersia Baasden (whose vision, commitment and persistence began it all), Tricha Naudé, Heidi Schonfeldt, Liz Hillman, Annita Hendriks, Lulu van der Spuy, Michael Fumarola and myself. We also owe a debt of gratitude to Pinky Veer from the SPCA, whose advice and motivation has been invaluable.

We have applied for NPO registration, but it could take several months to finalise, and we cannot sit idly while cats are suffering. So we would like to invite YOU to join us NOW in our endeavours, and to become part of a wave that we hope will sweep across the country for the good of cats everywhere.

You can do this by becoming a NCat Feline Friend.

This is how it will work. We are inviting two kinds of members to join us:

  • Individuals and organisations caring for cats countrywide will be NCat Beneficiaries.
  • People who can help us help the Beneficiaries by means of funds and resources will be NCat Feline Friends.

With the help of Feline Friends all over South Africa, we hope to build up not only funds but a database of resources. When we’ve gained the support of enough Feline Friends and collected enough funds, we will invite cat-care organisations countrywide to register with us, and begin to help them in every way we can.

Does this excite you as much as it excites us? We hope so! Won’t you join forces with us by becoming a Feline Friend today? In doing so, we hope that you will become part of a vibrant, effective, country-wide movement that will truly make a difference in the lives of cats across the land.

Will you join us?

If your answer is “YES!”, please complete the attached application form and mail it back to us, so that the magic can begin to happen! When you have done so, you will receive an electronic certificate to the effect that you are a NCat Feline Friend, which you will be able to save or print and frame.

Click here to download application form

Or, if you would prefer to make a one-off (or better yet, a regular) donation, which will be strictly audited according to NPO regulations, please see our banking details below.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

anneke brits
Chairperson: NCat
083 327 0365

Who should you contact?

About NCat
Tersia Baasden at

About any cat-related resources or services
Tersia Baasden at

About feral cats (feral cat problems, caring for feral colonies, sterilisations etc)
Tricha Naudé at OR Anneke Brits at

About domestic cats (adoptions, rescue, shelters, sterilisations, etc)
Annita Hendriks at

About donating books, artworks or craft articles to NCat, or having NCat sell your merchandise
Liz Hillman at


Banking details: NCat, First National Bank (Branch code 250655), Current account no 62266808983


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