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NCat – A Plea for the ferals of JHB

| March 13, 2012

Dear animal lovers,

As you know, NCat is widely involved in extending aid to cat caregivers throughout the country, and here in JHB there are a number of initiatives that we are lending our support to via our member beneficiaries.

NCat’s beneficiaries currently trap, sterilise and feed the ferals in and around JHB, but they desperately need your help.

The areas where they feed include:

Fourways – 100 cats in total
Spartan – 80 cats
Wynberg – 70 cats
Sandton – 50 cats
Northgate – 70 cats

They do their very best to keep these homeless cats healthy, sterilised and well fed but the needs are just enormous and they rely desperately on the generosity of the public to assist.

Food bills for these 320 cats amount to approximately R20,000 per month. (This equates to R62.50 per cat per month.)

These cats are the forgotten creatures, cats cruelly abandoned by their owners and left to fend for themselves; often under terrible, frightening and filthy conditions. Our beneficiaries are trying to make their lives a little bit better, one cat at a time, by assisting in the trapping and sterilisation of the cats at the various sites. But they need your help. Any donation of money, or food or blankets or bowls or second-hand kennels would be most welcome. These beneficiaries are also desperate for foster or permanent homes for those cats they are able to rescue.

If you would like to make a donation, our banking details are as follows:

Name of account: NCat
Bank: First National Bank
Branch code: 250655
Account number: 62266808983
Reference: Jhb ferals

Please let us know if you have donated so that we can acknowledge your generosity.

Please open your hearts to these animals, they need you.


Category: Rescue & Shelter Directory

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