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NCat – Help needed for cat carer in Louis Trichardt

| April 23, 2012

Dear animal lover,
This is a plea for a Beneficiary Member of NCat, Verna Smith, who has started a cat sanctuary at her own home in Louis Trichardt – see the attached pics. There is little help for cats in Louis Trichardt, and as she says, people there don’t want to adopt cats. So she is their only hope. She is trying to do this in the right way, feeding them, sterilising them and sheltering them (and of course, if possible, finding homes for them). Please read her story below, and if you would be prepared to make any monthly donation specifically for her, please won’t you contact me, so that I can tell you how to go about it?
I’m only forwarding some of the pics she has sent, to give you an idea of the work she’s doing. Please let me know if you would like to see the rest of the pics.
Many, many thanks and purrs

anneke brits
Chairperson: NCat
083 327 0365

Banking details: NCat, First National Bank (Branch code 250655), Current account no 62266808983

We’ve been caring for feral cats for about three years now.  started small, untill people got to know about us, and started phoning me to save or collect a cat. We’ve got about 50 inside the house – three different groups and +- 25 living outside on out stoep.  We tried to get them placed but in louis trichardt we found nobody wanted cats.
everybody got dogs for protection.  i brought a very sick kitten home  and found out later she had feline herpes – and they all got sick.  we immediately started treating them – now vet bill over R4000-00. only lost one kittie, Shumi  she was blind and the softest little baby  Snowy  was brought to us by Zimbabwe people who lost everything.

Smokie  was found at a veggie shop between cars and they phoned me to collect her.   Midnite, was a cat at my work and when i went to feed them on a saturday, we found him full of mud with a piece of rope tied around his waist.

We’ve had no financial  help caring for these cats, i even went under aministration to see if there is more money available for food and medical care. We get rejected afval from our local abatoir which we sort, cut up, cook and mince and mix with mieliepap. we only use liver, kidneys, and lungs.

I need funds to have then neutered and for some medical care.

I believe they deserve more.



Category: Rescue & Shelter Directory

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