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PetAlive AmazaPet

| January 23, 2010

Clears Asthma Symptoms and Strengthens Respiratory Functioning
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Use PetAlive AmazaPet to:

  • Reduce the frequency and severity of pet asthma attacks
  • Improve respiratory functioning
  • Reduce allergic reactions in pets
  • Reduce respiratory problems and asthma linked to stress and anxiety
  • Relax bronchioles and prevent bronchospasm


PetAlive Amaza Pet by Feelgood Health

AmazaPet can be used in conjunction witb PetCalm for those pets who suffer from stress-induced asthma

What is AmazaPet?

Asthma is a serious disease of dogs and cats that is characterized by chronic inflammation of the small airways in the lungs called bronchioles. In asthma, these airways thicken and when your pet breathes in, they collapse making it difficult for your pet to catch its breath. In severe cases of asthma, the airways become blocked with mucus and the smooth muscle that surrounds the airways goes into spasm (bronchospasm), restricting breathing. Dogs and cats of any age can get asthma, but it occurs more commonly in cats and in young or middle-aged pets. Asthma is particularly common in Siamese and Himalayan cat breeds. During an episode of asthma you may notice your pet’s breathing is shallow, rapid and laboured. You may also notice that your cat or dog has to put a lot of effort into inhaling and exhaling and you may see the abdomen moving in and out quite dramatically. Pets with severe asthma often show open-mouthed breathing and you may notice a blueish-purple tinge to the tongue and gums due to an oxygen shortage. A severe asthma attack can be life-threatening and immediate veterinary attention should be sought.


Mild cases of asthma which present as nothing more than a dry, hacking cough may often go unnoticed or may be misdiagnosed as hairballs in cats. Your pet may also develop wheezing, a whistling sound produced by air travelling through narrowed airways. Some pets lose weight and become lethargic. However, most pets with asthma seem quite normal in between attacks. To diagnose asthma, your vet will take a full clinical history and take a chest X-ray. It may also be necessary to collect a sample from the affected airways, this is known as broncho-alveolar lavage and will confirm a diagnosis of asthma as well as provide information about concurrent infections that may be aggravating the asthma attacks. As is the case in humans, episodes of asthma are triggered by allergens or stress. Some common allergens include grass and tree pollens, smoke, fumes, cigarettes, dust from litter trays and aerosols of various sorts such as perfumes, deodorants and flea sprays. In some cats, cold air can trigger an asthma attack. Pets may also be sensitive to certain foods, as well as food additives such as preservatives and colourants. Some holistic vets believe that multiple vaccinations and commercial pet foods can compromise your pet’s immune system, making him/her more susceptible to allergies, including asthma.


Conventional treatment of asthma in pets usually consists of steroid drugs to reduce inflammation, antihistamines to control the allergic component of asthma and bronchodilators to open up the airways in an attack. Though these drugs can be effective in preventing asthma attacks and for acute relief, as with most synthetic drugs, long-term side-effects and further reduction in immune system functioning are almost inevitable. As in humans, a strong immune system can play a vital role in helping to control pets’ symptoms of asthma and to strengthen the body’s defenses against environmental triggers. Herbal and homeopathic asthma treatment can be extremely effective in pets. Depending on the severity of the asthma, they can reduce or even eliminate the need for the synthetic drugs. Natural remedies may also be used to complement conventional treatment of asthma and do so without compromising your pet’s health or causing side effects.


PetAlive AmazaPet is a 100% natural blend of herbal and homeopathic ingredients specially selected for the treatment of asthma in pets. Presented in convenient lactose tablets, AmazaPet is easy to administer without fussing or fighting.


PetAlive AmazaPet contains the following 100% natural ingredients: Inula helenium (Elecampane), Althea officinalis (Marshmallow), Mag. phos. (D6) Kali. mur. (D6), Arsen. alb. (30C), Phosphorus (30C)



AmazaPet is very effective in clearing the symptoms of asthma in pets and should be administered at the very first signs of respiratory problems in order to prevent or reduce the severity of an attack.  If your pet is in severe respiratory distress with opened-mouth breathing and a blue tinge to the gums and tongue seek immediate veterinary attention. Tablets may be crushed and sprinkled on the tongue or taken whole. Continue for 3 – 5 days after symptoms subside.

Cats and small dogs: One tablet 3 – 5 times daily.

Medium dogs: Two tablets 3 – 5 times daily.

Large dogs: Three tablets 3 – 5 times daily.


Caution: Safety during pregnancy and lactation has not yet been established.


AmazaPet can be used in conjunction witb PetCalm for those pets who suffer from stress-induced asthma


PetAlive Range by Feelgood Health

PetAlive Range by Feelgood Health - Buy online at Feelgood Health

The PetAlive Range by Feelgood Health has been especially formulated in conjunction with a team of experts in natural medicine. Remedies are manufactured to the highest standards, using ingredients chosen for their ability to safely support health and vitality, naturally. Our remedies for pets have been distributed internationally in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and throughout the world for many years and 2007 saw the official launch of the PetAlive range in South Africa.

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