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PetAlive FCV Flatulence Preventer

| January 23, 2010

Natural Treatment for Flatulence, Bloating and Abdominal Cramps in Pets
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Use PetAlive Flatulence Preventer to:

  • Naturally relieve unpleasant symptoms of flatulence and gas in pets
  • Reduce bloating and intestinal cramps
  • Maintain digestive health and help with the symptoms of digestive disorders, including diarrhoea and constipation


PetAlive FCV Flatulence Preventer by Feelgood Health

Flatulence Preventer may be used together with PetAlive Digestive Support.

What is Flatulence Preventer?

Having a pet with flatulence problems can be very embarrassing – and pets are notorious for choosing inopportune moments to add their noxious gases to the surrounds. But when you think about it, your pet is not having such a great time either. Flatulence is generally caused by a build-up of gas in the stomach or intestines, which is often a result of undigested fermenting food. Some animals are simply unable to digest certain types of food while others have particular food sensitivities. Often animals simply gulp air with their food, which then emerges as intestinal gas. This is common in puppies who are overexcited by mealtimes. Whatever the cause, the animal usually feels very uncomfortable. Flatulence is often accompanied by bloating, abdominal pain and belching.


There are many synthetic over the counter and prescription medicines to treat digestive complaints and disorders. While these synthetic medications may make a big difference to quality of life for animals suffering from digestive disorders and dysfunction, many also come with side effects. Holistic practitioners recognize that the whole animal should be treated to maximize health and reduce imbalance in the system caused by a variety of environmental and dietary stresses. A combination of natural medicine, healthy diet and regular exercise will help your pet to return to digestive health.


PetAlive Flatulence Preventer combines selected herbal and homeopathic ingredients to effectively relieve the symptoms of flatulence, gas, bloating and abdominal cramps. It may be safely and effectively used for fast relief from flatulence in pets, as well as being of great benefit in the long term treatment and prevention of digestive problems.


PetAlive Flatulence Preventer contains the following 100% natural ingredients: Pimpinella anisum (anise), Foeniculum vulgare, Magnesium Phosphate (6C) (Mag.Phos.), Carbo veg. (30C), Nux Vom. (30C), Lactose: inactive ingredient



Acute Conditions: Administer every 30 minutes for up to 6 doses or until symptoms subside.

Chronic Use (for animals with chronic flatulence and digestive complaints): Three doses of PetAlive Flatulence Preventer daily to promote digestive health and calm the digestive system.

Cats and small dogs: Large pinch of granules sprinkled into the mouth.

Small to medium dogs: Two pinches sprinkled into the mouth.

Medium to large dogs: 1/4 cap of granules sprinkled into the mouth.


Note: Flatulence Preventer may be used together with PetAlive Digestive Support.


PetAlive Range by Feelgood Health

PetAlive Range by Feelgood Health - Buy online at Feelgood Health

The PetAlive Range by Feelgood Health has been especially formulated in conjunction with a team of experts in natural medicine. Remedies are manufactured to the highest standards, using ingredients chosen for their ability to safely support health and vitality, naturally. Our remedies for pets have been distributed internationally in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and throughout the world for many years and 2007 saw the official launch of the PetAlive range in South Africa.

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