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PetAlive Muscle and Joint Support

| January 23, 2010

For Relief from Pet Arthritis, naturally.
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Use PetAlive Muscle and Joint Support to:

  • Treat the symptoms of existing arthritis and degenerative joint disease
  • Improve ease of movement
  • Reduce stiffness and pain associated with swollen joints
  • Relieve pain and inflammation
  • Reduce toxin buildup associated with arthritis and joint diseases
  • Prevent and treat the symptoms of hip dysplasia
  • Ensure healthy, strong muscles, tendons, cartilage and bone
PetAlive Muscle and Joint Support by Feelgood Health

Muscle and Joint Support is recommended along with the following natural remedies: DetoxPlus, Energy Tonic

What are the symptoms of muscle and joint conditions?

* Overall stiffness especially after rest (more noticeable in cold weather)

* Whimpering when getting up

* Difficulty climbing stairs or climbing in and out of car

* Reluctance to exercise

* Lameness

* Unusual movements (for that particular animal)

* Disjointed or wobbly gait

* Swelling and tenderness in limb or spine

* Shying away from being stroked along their back

* Thickening of the joints of the affected limb

* Favouring the use of one limb more than another

* Irritability


There are a number of reasons why your pet could develop joint or muscle problems. Sprains and strains are fairly common in many active animals and certain animals may be more prone to this than others. Cats especially may have nine lives but their constant leaping from roofs and trees can put stress and strain on their joints, especially if they are overweight. There are also a certain number of medical conditions such as arthritis (an inflammation of the joints which is most common in older pets, especially dogs); spinal diseases such as spondylosis and spondylitis (also more common in older pets and particular in dogs) and hip dysplasia (a malformation of the hip’s ball and socket which is more common in dogs but may affect certain breeds of cats). Certain breeds of dogs and cats may be genetically more prone to developing conditions such as hip dysplasia and spinal problems. For many conditions, conventional treatment is largely symptomatic, aimed primarily at reducing pain and inflammation and keeping the animal as comfortable as possible. Splinting, casting or surgery may also be necessary. While prescription anti-inflammatory medication may help to ease the pain, it can also play havoc with your pet’s stomach lining, sometimes leading to ulcers and digestive problems with chronic use. The conventional non steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) can also damage the kidneys (nephrotoxic), especially in cats. Prescription medication may ease the pain and inflammation, but would have little healing effect.


Nutrition is a key element in the treatment and prevention of many muscle and joint problems. Hip dysplasia has both a nutritional and a genetic component. When young, large breed dogs, examples include Labradors and German Shepherds, are fed the incorrect diet the hip muscle mass cannot keep pace with the growth of the bone and an incongruency develops at the hip joint. This incongruency causes strain on the hip joint with a resultant inflammatory reaction in the joint. In an attempt to reduce the strain the body forms extra bone to try and stabilise the joint. This is the bone that is so characteristic in xrays taken of arthritic joints. As part of a holistic approach to treating your pet, natural remedies can help to build and strengthen your pet’s immune system, encourage the elimination of toxins, strengthen and protect the skeletal system and generally improve the overall health of your animal – in addition to alleviating and treating the specific problems associated with muscle and joint problems. Other components of a holistic approach to therapy, especially in relation to alleviating and treating the symptoms associated with muscle and joint problems, include aromatherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic and hydrotherapy. Muscle and Joint Support capsules are specially formulated for pets and contain a unique formula combining herbal medicines, biochemic tissue salts and nutritional substances all well known for their therapeutic and protective effect on the skeletal system, including muscles, joints, cartilage and tendons. Muscle and Joint Support is an excellent choice for pets suffering from arthritis and degenerative joint disease and can also be used as a tonic and preventative in animals known to be susceptible to joint and bone ailments.


PetAlive Muscle and Joint Support contains the following herbal, homeopathic and nutritional ingredients: Harpagophytum procumbens (Devil’s Claw), Arthrospira platenis (Spirulina), Calcium Fluoride (6cH) (Calc. Flour.), Natrium Phosphoricum (6cH) (Nat. Phos.), Natrium Sulphate (6cH) (Nat. Sulph.), Lecithin, Glucosamine Sulphate, Lactose: inactive ingredient



PetAlive Muscle and Joint Support comes in convenient capsule form. Capsules may be swallowed whole by larger dogs. However, most owners find that it is easier and more convenient to open the capsule and mix the contents with wet food or a small treat. This prevents stress to both pet and owner! Cats, especially, hate to have medicine forced down their throats and will happily eat the dried herb when it is mixed with a little fish or meat.

Cats and small dogs: 1/2 capsule twice daily.

Medium dogs: One capsule twice daily.

Large dogs: One to two capsules twice daily.


Caution: Safety during pregnancy and nursing has not been established. Do not use together with prescription anti-inflammatory medication.


Note: Muscle and Joint Support is recommended along with the following natural remedies: DetoxPlus, Energy Tonic


PetAlive Range by Feelgood Health

PetAlive Range by Feelgood Health – Buy online at Feelgood Health

The PetAlive Range by Feelgood Health has been especially formulated in conjunction with a team of experts in natural medicine. Remedies are manufactured to the highest standards, using ingredients chosen for their ability to safely support health and vitality, naturally. Our remedies for pets have been distributed internationally in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and throughout the world for many years and 2007 saw the official launch of the PetAlive range in South Africa.

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