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PetAlive Natural Moves

| January 23, 2010

Promotes Regular Bowel Movements and Prevents Constipation
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Use PetAlive Natural Moves:

  • To treat chronic and acute constipation effectively and naturally
  • To keep your pet regular and promote intestinal flora
  • To maintain bowel and digestive health
  • Regulate thyroid levels and reduce high cholesterol
  • Keep skin and bones healthy and strong
PetAlive Natural Moves by Feelgood Health

Natural Moves can be used with the following natural remedies for added support: Digestive Support, DetoxPlus, SlenderPet, Flatulence Preventer

What is Natural Moves?

The most common cause of constipation in pets is an incorrect diet – just like in humans, a lack of fibre (and sometimes excessive fibre) can be a problem. For pets indigestible bones are an added problem – if swallowed, they can produce a cork-like blockage in the digestive tract. Other causes of constipation include worm infestation, furballs (in cats) and lack of exercise. Cats also get idiopathic megacolon which is characterised by constipation due to malfunctioning of the nerves that supply the last part of the colon. Constipation can lead to a build up of toxins, which can cause numerous health problems. Symptoms of Constipation in Cats and Dogs:

  • Straining to have a bowel movement with no result
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Bloating
  • Going for long periods between bowel movements
  • Hard, impacted stools


Remember, symptoms of bladder infections (such as straining) can also sometimes be mistaken for constipation. If you are unsure of the reason for your pet straining consult your vet. The most common treatment for constipation is a change in diet. If this does not work, a mild laxative may be prescribed. An enema may also be necessary to remove hardened stool which is impacted in the colon. Idiopathic megacolon is diagnosed by x-rays and can sometimes be corrected surgically but often requires lifelong medication with laxatives. If your pet suffers from chronic constipation, then it is important to treat the condition holistically. Diet is the key element in the treatment and prevention of constipation, and a lot can be done to promote balance in your pet’s system.

Use herbal remedies and dietary supplements that are specifically aimed at maintaining bowel and digestive health, reduce reliance on dried and processed food, provide lots of fresh water and include roughage and fibre in your pet’s diet to help prevent and treat constipation effectively and naturally. As part of a holistic approach to treating your pet, natural herbal remedies and dietary supplements also help to build and strengthen your pet’s immune system, encourage the elimination of toxins, and generally improve the overall health of your animal. PetAlive Natural Moves contains a blend of herbal remedies and biochemic tissue salts especially selected to treat chronic and acute constipation in pets and to maintain healthy bowel and digestive functioning. Used occasionally for acute constipation or regularly for chronic constipation, the ingredients of Natural Moves for Pets have the added benefit of promoting thyroid health, reducing high cholesterol and encouraging healthy, strong skin and bones.

PetAlive Natural Moves for Pets contains the following 100% natural ingredients: Psyllium nigrum husk, Avena sativa (Oats), Aloe Ferox, Natrium Muriaticum 6C (Nat. Mur.), Lactose: inactive ingredient


PetAlive Natural Moves comes in convenient capsule form. The capsules are easy to administer to pets and may be given whole or opened and the contents mixed with food or a treat, depending on your pet’s size and preferences. PetAlive Natural Moves may be taken regularly every day for pets with stubborn, chronic constipation or for 5 – 10 days for those with occasional problems.

Cats and small dogs: 1/2 capsule twice daily.

Medium dogs: One capsule twice daily.

Large dogs: One to two capsules twice daily.


Caution: Safety during pregnancy and nursing has not yet been established.


Note: Natural Moves can be used with the following natural remedies for added support: Digestive Support, DetoxPlus, SlenderPet, Flatulence Preventer

PetAlive Range by Feelgood Health

PetAlive Range by Feelgood Health - Buy online at Feelgood Health

The PetAlive Range by Feelgood Health has been especially formulated in conjunction with a team of experts in natural medicine. Remedies are manufactured to the highest standards, using ingredients chosen for their ability to safely support health and vitality, naturally. Our remedies for pets have been distributed internationally in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and throughout the world for many years and 2007 saw the official launch of the PetAlive range in South Africa.

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