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PETS Witbank/JHB: 100+ Dumpsite Dogs

| May 16, 2012

NB!!! Not For Sensitive Viewers

+- 100 Dogs Found Living On A Dumpsite in Gauteng!

People living near the site have been watching hopessly as people come and dump animals on the site, dead and alive. They are trying to help as much as they can but numbers are growing and without sterlisations the problem will NOT get better only WORSE!
The ones surviving there are breeding at an alarming rate and puppies are everywhere.

PETS Witbank/JHB  are trying to raise funds to have these dogs sterilised and keep them fed and warm until homes can be found.
Sick and suffering dogs will be put to sleep if we find it is kinder than letting them live, but these decisions will be made on a one by one case and we will appreciate if we do not receive any negative emails on this issue unless you are willing to adopt/foster/donate.
This is not an easy thing for us BUT we are trying our best to get this under control.

Immediate Needs:
Food, Kennels, Spaying Funds
& Foster homes.


Standard Bank
Acc no 277408695
Br Code 033012
REF: Dumpsite Dogs

NB! Email POP to

All Donations are TAX Deductable
“Rescuing one dog might not change the world, but to that dog their world is changed forever”

Category: Rescue & Shelter Directory

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