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Poem: For Darwin

| December 29, 2011

You declare
determined stamp
on my heart and I bow
at your well-wrought litany
of adverbs and acronyms
bubbles and gurgles
your morning song
of complete love

you well done
an entire map
carefully marked out
in swirls and trickles
centre of everything
my evolution
depends on you
crumpled ginger gem

you inside out
twist and turn
beneath a sea
of bed covers
become a sheik now
a mountain in this
your secret hide away
you pull me in

close my eyes
take flight with ease
meet you again beneath
a sun-kissed glow

a slipping of senses
words not needed
stumble and melt
to a hush

you slip
into a new expedition
utopia within easy reach
of my front garden
wide-eyed you lap it up
ardent conqueror
with your own
face on

you return
a shadow stuck
in the doorway
slight hesitation
negotiation of the senses
I call and this is your cue
a leap of faith and you
are home again

the light
fixed in its turning
in its becoming

a gallant heart
that demands nothing
of me.

by Noeleen Hern

Category: Feline Resources

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