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Rusty – Brave burn victim !

| August 20, 2012
Although the NDDF is primarily a sterilisation organisation, we cannot turn our backs on the responsibility towards injured animals

Although the NDDF is primarily a
sterilisation organisation, we cannot
turn our backs on the responsibility
towards injured animals

One of our dedicated committee members, Reinette and volunteer, Maria, were returning dogs to the Barcelona township one Saturday afternoon when a dog – then called Spotty – was brought for urgent treatment.  Musi, who assists with coordination of all things animal in the township had been given Spotty by his owner to be treated for bad burns.  The owner was uninterested in Spotty’s condition and could not tell Musi what had even happened.  The legal authorities made the decision to confiscate Spotty.
Later, upon investigation, Musi found out what had happened to Spotty.  Apparently he had wandered into a neighbour’s yard and was discovered by the unemployed, drunken resident who for some reason known only to himself – tied Spotty up and poured boiling water all over him.

Spotty had been badly burnt on his head and face, with his ears and one eye being severely damaged.  With this extreme pain, probably as self protection, Spotty withdrew from reality and became completely unresponsive.  He showed absolutely no emotion whatsoever and two of the four vets who treated him reported that despite this incredible pain, he allowed them to do whatever they needed to.  It was as if he was waiting for more abuse and just accepted his fate.  However, the extent of the burn damage on Spotty’s ears could not be determined immediately, so he was treated for pain and given a course of strong antibiotics to see how his wounds responded before a decision could be made on how to proceed.

During this interim healing time, he was fostered by one of our incredible supporters, Joan at The Dawson Kennels who has a passion and gift for treating these damaged furry souls.  The vets felt Spotty needed to be in a more encouraging environment where he could be pampered and start his healing journey.  It was at The Dawson where he met his new parents who had brought their 3 dogs in for day care.  A heart connection was made, and they decided to adopt ‘Rusty’.

After a short period, the vets made the decision to amputate part of Rusty’s ears.  He also needed a hernia to be repaired, and was sterilised at the same time to avoid additional anaesthetic and potential trauma.

Although the NDDF is primarily a sterilisation organisation, we cannot turn our backs on the responsibility towards injured animals, especially if we feel there is a chance to rehabilitate the animal and return him if the owner is caring and responsible enough – or if we feel there is a chance of a forever, loving home.  Most other welfare organisations would not have agreed to take on a case such as this, and euthanasia would have been the only option.  There was something about Rusty, as there is with a lot of these cases – where we feel obligated to alleviate his suffering and give him a chance of a happy life.

Rusty’s medical expenses were in excess of R6000, and if you would like to help towards covering these costs or sponsoring any of our other special cases, may we ask you to donate whatever you can afford into our NDDF account with a reference “SOS”.  Details as follows : Namaqua Dog & Donkey Foundation, FNB, Park Place East branch, code 252605, account no 62262300727.

You can make a difference to these animals who only want love and to give love – their circumstances are not their fault and we have the chance to make things right again!  They would really appreciate your compassion and generosity, as would we.

Could you please find it in your hearts to assist us with special cases such as Rusty – story and pictures attached.  We would also really appreciate if you could forward this story on to others whom you know will not mind receiving it.

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