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Signs of Good Health

| August 15, 2015

pretty babies 20121220_6890h


Skin and coat

The coat should look sleek and glossy, and the skin should be free of scratches, cuts, or fight wounds. There should be no evidence of fleas, redness, or hairloss.


Both eyes should be clear and bright, with no discharge. If the “third eyelid” is showing, the kitten may be sick.


The ears should be clean and pink inside. There should be no accumulation of wax or dark crusty material.


The nose should feel damp, soft, and “velvety” to the touch, and have no discharge or crusty material on the surface.

Mouth, teeth, and gums

The gums should be pale pink, and the breath should have very little smell. As the baby teeth get replaced by the permanent teeth, you may occasionally see loose teeth when you examine a young cat’s mouth. By six months, all of the permanent teeth should be present.

Rear end

Cats and kittens keep the area under the tail very clean. There should be no evidence of soreness or diarrhea.

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