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Sue Eddey

| January 10, 2012

I had never considered being owned by a pedigree cat like a Siamese because not only were they expensive but all the books and magazines said they were demanding of attention and very vocal etc and I had a 4 year old son at the time and worked all day. How could I possibly divide myself into more pieces for a demanding, vocal feline!!!!

Well I might tell you I was owned by my very first Siamese in 1997 and I have never looked back. As much as I was sold on moggie cats and I still think they are very special cats, I will always have Siamese in my home. They are not only beautiful looking cats but are highly intelligent, very loving and devoted to their ‘slaves’ and want to be with you all the time whether you are gardening, cleaning house, bathing or sleeping. They are happiest when they are part of everything you do. They will love everyone in the household but just one person will have a special place in their heart and you will soon know who you are!!!!!

They love to talk but are not overbearing. A quick conversation now and then (maybe more now than then) is all they ask of you. On the topic of talking – never worry that your precious Siamese will go hungry either…..they are very quick to remind you about mealtimes.

“I saw a sphynx cat for the first time a couple of years ago at a Randburg cat show that I visited and decided that I would love to have one of those as part of my cat family. So the planning and scheming began.

I never realised that they would be quite so hard to obtain either. But I eventually managed to contact a breeder in Kimberley, Suzette van den Berg who put me on her waiting list for kittens. I had virtually given up hope of ever owning a sphynx when one December I got an email (with pictures) from Suzette to say she had a little girl kitten for me.

Well can you conjure up a picture of my face??? Can you just imagine it???? I was so excited that my world spun around for a couple of hours until I could gather my senses and come down to earth!!! After about 18 months of waiting I was eventually going to have my own sphynx to love and to hold.

Well in March 2003 Vande Bald’s Anastasia (Candy) joined our family. What an experience this has been. I have just added a second sphynx to the cat family – a little boy this time, Vande Bald’s Indigo-Boy (Smurfi) from the same breeder but different parents.

I can only say these cats are totally awesome. They are not like ordinary cats. They are bold and confident and extremely loving and affectionate and want to be with you ALL the time. Also being highly intelligent makes them more like having a toddler in the house.

These are not cats you buy for cat’s sake to feed and play with when you get a spare minute or two…. these are cats you buy as your friend, your companion or even your child!!!

This is the level that these cats seek out in your home and unless you are prepared to offer a feline such love and devotion, then don’t get one of these cats!!!!”

Vande Bald’s Anastasia
Sire: CH Vande Bald’s Classytouch Signature Series
Dam: Chaterley’s Princess Sophi

Vande Bald’s Indigo-Boy
Sire: CH Vande Bald’s Gino Gomez Venustus (Imp)
Dam: Sp Ch Vande Bald’s Classytouch Franny

Category: Feline Resources

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