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Tag: Feline Cancer

The Dos and Don’ts of Helping a Friend Whose Pet Has Cancer

| September 14, 2014


By Dr. Ann Hohenhaus


The Bible, Glamour and parenting websites all have one thing in common: eponymous lists of dos and don’ts.

But when it comes to supporting someone whose pet has a potentially life-threatening illness, such as cancer, there aren’t too many primers out there to tell

you what you should and should not do — or even say. So we rounded up our top dos and don’ts for helping a friend or family member through this tough time.

Please Do


Be There and Mean It.

For many pet owners, it’s comforting just to know that there’s someone whom they can call to assist them with administering medications,

or someone who can spend an afternoon with them in the vet’s office. So if you’re asked to help, do it.


Take Time to Listen.

Sometimes simply talking things through helps pet owners organize their priorities when it comes to decision-making.

Go ahead and be that person who listens to the same story over and over again about the nice oncologist or the intricacies of chemotherapy protocol.


Go to Google.

While the pet owner is busy taking care of the animal, research pet cancer and pet loss support groups in your area — and then send your friend the best ones.




Also see Kittycat Magazine issue 5 for more info on Feline Cancer and Chemotherapy.


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